Get Your Book Reviewed

Get your book reviewed on Amazon, Facebook, This website, and as an advertisement in the yearly anthology.

The standard book reviewing price for all of this is only £20 for 2021!

Get your book reviewed as a verified Amazon purchase by sending £20 + £5. The £5 will either cover or go towards the cost of the book itself. Plus, this means you will not have to send us a copy as we will purchase it. We know not every book sells for £5. some sell for £3, some sell for £2. Others sell for £7, £8 or even in some cases £10+. Hence the decision to make this a standard £5.

Get your book reviewed (without the verified amazon purchase) by sending £20 + a free e-copy of the book. Click here for the form.

I will review most books myself. However, I do have a team who reviews books too, this minimises the waiting list.

If you would like to have your book reviewed simply fill in this form here.

Check out previous reviewed books here.

All books will be reviewed within 30 days of purchasing the package or your money back.

Alternatively, get your book reviewed at little to no cost by reviewing one of my books. Find out more here.

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