It’s April folks. It’s the month of chocolate! In my life it has always been a month to celebrate. My parents got married this moth about a century ago (don’t tell ’em I said that) and this month we have WINNERS to celebrate.

That’s right! Winners, not winner.

We don’t just have the monthly awards to give out, we also have the tri monthly awards! That’s 4 winners that we need to talk about today. Truly a month to celebrate.

March Writing Competition

The monthly march competition had the theme of silver. Why?

The longer I thought about silver the more connotations I could think off. I asked someone else what came to their mind with the word silver and they had a whole different set. Bottom line, we chose silver because of its versatility. Who knew what kind of submissions we would get. Imagination galore.

The Winning Entry

The winning piece was well under the 1000 word limit by a lass who goes only by Selena. She sent in the competition and marked it as 157 words, just did it for fun, so there.

Aside from loving the personality that came with the piece, the simplicity of the piece was enjoyed by all. We all need a reminder from time to time that something one person loves others can hate but despite it all every cloud has a silver lining.

Congratulations Selena, I hope you enjoy your £5 voucher look forward to being published at the end of the year.


An Extract

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining by Selena.

I am loved for covering the sun and hated for covering the sun. I am loved for bringing the rain and hated for bringing the rain.


I love clouds both for covering the sun and bringing the rain. What do you guys like? Comment Below.


As always I will not go into the commendations in too much detail. I will give enough for the writers themselves to know who they are.

If you are not on the list below, know that we loved every story that came our way. These are the one’s that made a lasting impression.

Well done to everyone that entered. Please do feel free to enter into this months competition, details below.

Jake – Silver Chocolates – we could almost taste them.

Clara – My 50p piece – I’d have spent it on coffee.

Sophia – My Nans house – Sounded like she had a lot of silverware. A nice memory.

The Tri Monthly Competition

The Tri-monthly competition was abut survival. We are all, always trying to survive. The pandemic has shown us some of the lengths people go to to ensure there own survival. Except the toilet paper thing, I don’t get what was going on there, I’m sure we’d have found ways to manage without.

We have three winners for the Tri mothly competition. The first prize is a £10 Amazon Voucher. Second and Third prize each hold £5 amazon voucher.

The First Prize

With the brilliantly awful piece winning first prize we have a piece by Jeremy Hubbard. Their Fragile Limbs.

Puppet the Silkworm Moth

This epic tale make you feel the difficulty of a survival situation. I don’t know how things got that bad but my heart truly went out to the girl and her dad when things went wrong. The feels in this story were spot on, the reality was harsh and cruel and the feeling of despair creeped around with cold fingers.

Harsh, cruel and perfect for the theme. Here, try a bit and realise with horror that the harvest is what will feed that family.

Although she’d have preferred to linger in their little patch of managed wilderness, her
family’s allocated hectare, she knew that the fierce sunshine and the hot, dry breeze it
generated, blustering up through the valley, would soon begin to desiccate and spoil the
harvest, so with careful urgency, she set about extricating the furry little bodies of the moths,
untangling their delicate wings, their fragile limbs, from the fine mesh. One-by-one she
gathered them, collecting them in the small hemp-fibre sack she had clipped to the belt of her
jeans. A few of them still fluttered feebly, which she pretended not to notice.

Their Fragile Limbs by Jeremy Hubbard

The Second & Third Prize

Kayleigh Evans has our second prize with the piece A War Within me. I’m sure most people have this problem even if they will not admit it. That war we have inside of us, how it can tear one apart. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and the one that will prevent any chance of survival.


Tam holds the third place with his/hers (unknown) piece The Forest. There indeed is a survival situation. Hae you ever been lost in a forest, cold nights creeping upon you, snakes in the underbrush and who knows what else in the dark. Forests can be a scary place.

We look forward to publishing these pieces on the website in the near future. Congratulations to both of you.


We of course have another competition this month with a theme of FOOD.

We also have another Tri- monthly competition starting up which will take a little more explaining than a title. Find out more here.

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