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Happy February! Don’t you think the spelling of February is weird? I mean, we all say Feb – u – ary so why do we spell it Feb -ru -ary? Drives me mad. Anyways, that is off topic. Welcome to the February news post. Top post, we have a winner to the first writing competition of 2021.

Januarys Writing Competition

The January competition had a theme of Coffee. Why Coffee?

You see I, like a lot of people, start the day with a coffee. Black. No Sugar. This was the start of a new year, a new competition, a new anthology. It was only right to start it with a coffee. Don’t you agree?

Yes, I am going to blatantly assume everyone is a coffee person, then dodge the blows from my tea drinking sister.

How do you take your coffee? Comment below.

The Winning Entry

The winning entry to the competition cam from a writer that goes by Emma Perle. The title of this piece. Coffee. And why not, sometimes simplicity is the best way to go when naming things. I mean, look at botany. Do you know all those strange botany names like Banksiae or do you just call it a rose?

What made this the winning piece?

Not it’s simplicity. This flash of life showed so many complexities of day to day living. It touched on moving away, starting a new life, leaving friends behind. It mentioned towards the lure of Romance and the awkwardness of human interaction. It encompassed so many different lifestyles. All in less then 1000 words!

An Extract

Here is a small extract, the opening two paragraphs. You can read the full thing in the Anthology when it is published! You will also be able to read all winning entries on the website in due course.

My hands reach round and clasp both sides of my cup.  I am not cold but there is something about the restorative heat which transmits deeper than skin.  A feeling of well-being filters through my body as the first sip of my americano soothes its way down.  I exhale a comforting sigh and take a look at the transient world around me.

The atmosphere is productive. Coffee machines hiss and their steam rises, the bustle of baristas adds to the hive of activity.  Customers line up in the queue or sit at tables in differing numbers of one or two or more.  An archipelago of different people’s lives, excerpts of their day coming together under one roof.

Emma Perle – Coffee

The Honourable Mentions

First off, please note I do not go into detail about honourable mentions. Why? Many competitions will not accept an entry unless it is not published (In part or entirety) on the internet. The algorithms of the searches they use to discover if it has been published before will pick up even a part of the entry and disqualify it.

For this same reason of protecting the writer so they have every chance of entering the competitions that use these algorithms I only mention first names. However, I’m sure from the commendations themselves they will know who they are.

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service Concept

So why do I talk about honourable mentions at all? Because some people have poured their heart and soul into writing that piece and it is good to be noticed for that. If I could I would write a comment on everybody’s work but time and volume do not allow me to do so.

Here are three honourable mentions from this months competition. Remember, even if you didn’t win or make this list, we probably loved your work too. Well done to everyone who entered.

Gavin – That Coffee creme sounded delicious!

Lilly – We love those Costa ‘bowls’ too.

David – That coffee shop had issues.

The February Competition

This months competition is called APPLE. You can enter it here.

Why Apple?

The Lady in the Loft writing competitions are all about using your imagination. This was not the greatest skill of the writers for the COFFEE theme. Every single entry we received was based around an event in a coffee shop.

red apples

So, this month we chose Apple as the theme because, surely, people have a broader spectrum of incidents they can write about. Think about Apple for a moment. It’s a fruit, it’s a brand name, it’s a part of a humans body (Adam’s apple) it’s an artefact (assassin’s creed). What we don’t want is 100 entries talking about the most delicious apple you ever ate because let’s face it, it won’t be a delicious as the apple in Shadowmagic.

Dad took his apple like it was a gift from God. He held it in his hand like a priest holding a chalice, and when he bit it, a moan escaped from his throat that was almost embarrassing. I looked at my apple anew. It looked ordinary enough but when I bit it – I’ll be damned if the same moan didn’t involuntarily pour out of me.

Shadowmagic by John Lenahan

The Anthology

At the end of the year, after the final competition entry in December 2021, the Anthology will have a final format and be put up for sale. This anthology will include every winning entry the competition has had throughout the year. This means that if you wish to be published next January you need to try your best in one of our competitions. Find out moe about the competition here.

The Anthology will have:

  • 12 short pieces from the monthly competitions
  • 12 pieces from the tri-monthly competitions. (3 winners for each).
  • 6 longer pieces from the six-monthly competitions.

It will also hold:

  • The first chapter of a new series. The Artefact Pirates! Working title.
  • A few random short stories written by the team.
  • Book reviews (find out how to get your book reviewed with us here).
  • All the themes and dates for next years competitions.
  • Interviews with an Author (get in touch with us on the contact us page if you would like to join one of those featured).
  • Several pieces of artwork commissioned for this Anthology and the artists behind them.
An artefact pirate.

Get Your Own Writing Pad

Our sister site has helped us to create a notepad for writers. This notepad has 150 pages of lined paper and a different inspirational quote on every second page throughout. All these quotes are from writers or about writing. Check it out for some inspiration while you work.

You can buy this product on Amazon here.

Or, see how it was made here.


  1. 😂 You got me laughing. The spelling of February is truly weird… Anyways, that’s how English sometimes frustrates us. Anyways, it’s been a very long time since I take coffee. I’m a tea person like you’re sister; so think about how you are gonna dodge my blows too 😄

    I totally love this piece titled Coffee by Emma Perle. I love the fact that the title is simple and one would imagine a lot of things once he sees the title. No limitations. Moreso, he did amazingly in putting the pieces together. I enjoyed reading through.

    1. The full piece is a great read and will soon be up on the website complete with artwork. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post, you’ll be glad to hear I’m good at dodging blows (so long as I’ve had my coffee first).

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