Welcome to March! There’s lots to love about March, it’s a season for chocolate, a season for mothers, a season for celebrating women and a season for injecting new life into one’s work.

That’s without the great news of announcing the winner of the February writing competition Apple.

February Writing Competition

The February writing competition had the theme Apple. Why Apple? We chose apple because of the many ways this could be interpreted. When we held the Jan competition of Coffee we had loads of submissions on the same theme, having coffee in a coffee shop. So we deliberately chose something that everyone would have a different experience with. Apples.

What do you first think of when thinking about Apples? For some it’s the fruit, others a forbidden fruit. Still, others think of a paint colour, a tree, the adams apple, snow-white. It can be seen, thought about and wrote about in so many different ways. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

The Winning Entry

The winning piece came from a writer that goes by the name Chris Faltane. (A confirmed pen name, real name will not be released at behest of writer.) We are sure this writer had every intention of making the reader tear up. It worked.

How was apple involved. When we saw the title Glen Miller we all knew where it was going. (Well, most of us knew, some people simply are not educated enough to recognise a classic.)

Glen Miller wrote and sang the beautiful song: Don’t sit under the Apple Tree (with anyone else but me). Here’s the song for you t listen too.

The story itself starts with a line from that song then proceeds to tell the tale of a young woman waiting under an apple tree for her soldier to come marching home. The short story succeeding very well in capturing a moment of raw emotion during a brilliant sunset.

An Extract

Here is a small extract. You can read the full thing in the Anthology when it is published! You will also be able to read all winning entries on the website in a few hours when the team have completed setting up that part of the site.

His dapperlings had shown up as the day gave way to night, each and every one of them carrying an instrument in some form. Singing they were of the women they’ll miss and the battles to come. Despite the hard days to come they were, each and everyone one of them, smiling and full of life. My heart bled and my tears began to fall as I thought of what could be.

Chris Faltane – Glen Miller


As always I will not go into the commendations in too much detail. I will give enough for the writers themselves to know who they are.

If you are not on the list below, know that we loved every story that came our way. These are the one’s that made a lasting impression.

Well done to everyone that entered. Please do feel free to enter into this months competition, details below.

Stacey – Using apples to take over the world?! Inspirational!

Thomas – Your apple gravity theory nearly had me convinced.

Jean – We hadn’t thought of the apple as a paint colour until we read your piece.

Damien – I can’t think of a better way to die.

The March Competition

This month’s competition is under the theme ‘Silver’.

Why Silver?

For similar reasons as Apple. What do you think of when you think of silver?

I asked around and here are the first thoughts on silver.

  • Necklaces
  • Metals
  • A silverback gorilla
  • Moonlight on a lake
  • A name
  • A teapot

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. What do you think of when you hear the word silver. comment below. What will you write about when you enter the competition based on silver? Enter here.

The Tri Monthly Competition

Another competition that also closes this month. The tri-monthly one. This one has 3 prizes a £10 amazon voucher and 2 £5 amazon vouchers up for grabs.

The theme for the tri monthly competition is survival with a writing prompt to get you started.

“I don’t want too!”

“But, you must. If you want to live, you must.”

Enter the tri monthly competition here.

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