If you are an author selling your book on Amazon, then this is a vital piece of equipment to selling your novels. If you are a reader who often buys from Amazon, this is where you would find out about your author, very useful if the book you are considering doesn’t have much in the way of book reviews!

What is an Amazon Authors page?

It is where an author can talk about themselves and their work, link their blogs and upload photographs. It is where a reader can read all this and decide if they want to follow.

Why do you need one?

How do you get one?

Effective tips and tricks to making your amazon Authors page.

This is what you will learn about in this post.

Why do I Need an Amazon Authors Page?

An aMazon Author Page in Action

Put simply, because anyone can publish a book now.

Once upon a time, you had to jump through hoops to get published. you had to look at editors, agents, publishers, convince them that your work was worth their time. Get reviews, write letters, apply to every publishing house you can find.

You can still do all these things.

However, these days you can self publish your work.

There are now so many books available on the market self-published by authors that people are more cautious about what they buy. when an author goes through a publisher they get instant credibility, you know the book is going to be good and probably worth reading. When you are looking at self-published books with only a handful of reviews, you need more information to make a decision.

Some authors can write amazing book blurbs, but the execution of the novel could be poor. Other authors write superb novels but the blurb lacks lustre. When people learn more about the creator behind the book they will often buy the book because they like the creator, or because they see they have published many books, or because they get a nice feeling, or they connect through a blog and decide to give it a chance. These are all the reasons you need to make sure that the page is up to date!

How do I get an Amazon Authors Page?

From here on in I am going to assume you have created a novel and published it on Amazon.

  1. Go to your Amazon Author Central.
  2. Log in with the name and password you used to publish the book to amazon. (your Amazon Log in)
  3. Join Amazon Author Central.

Now you have joined you want to do the following.

  • Add Books
  • Orgainse Profile
Claim any book you have published through the amazon authors search bar.

Adding Books

To add your books navigate the top bar and click on ADD BOOKS.

Use the search bar to locate your books on Amazon.


If you have published a separate series under a pseudonym it will give you a separate profile for these books.

Voila. It is that simple. Do this for every book you publish and grow that account!

Organise Your Profile

This is where you have work to do.

In this section, you get to do the following jobs.

  • Write your Bio.
  • Add your Blog.
  • Make your Link.
  • Upload your photos.
  • Upload videos.

First and foremost, your bio.

Writing your Bio

Don’t write another Novel when writing your Bio. Resist the temptation!

Now before you jump right in and start boring people with your life history, remember these things.

  • Make it fun to read.
  • Make it interesting.
  • Show your personality.
  • Say why you write.
  • Make sure there are no mistakes.
  • Don’t make it too long. People are not patient anymore, they’ve been brought up reading Tweets.
  • If you have it in more then one language, you do have an option for posting it on more then one language.

If in doubt find some self-published authors with lots of sales and reviews. See what they have put.

Making the link

This is the easiest bit, so we’ll cover this before the blog.

On the right-hand side of the screen, above the part where it asks you to add your blog, it offers you an Amazon page URL.

The point of this is that you will then have a direct link to your amazon authors profile that you can share with others. This profile will have all of your books, everything they need to know about you, and a way to see all your reviews.

It will start you off with a Url, all you need to do is add to it.

https://www.amazon.com/author/you add something here with no spaces. This will then be a direct link to your amazon page. Choose carefully as you can only do this once,

Adding your Blog

You’ll find the invitation to add your blog on the right-hand side of the page. Click on it and it will give a new request.

Don’t be intimidated by what it asks of you when it comes to connecting your blog. It wants you to connect your RSS.

To find your RSS do the following:

WordPress. Add /feed/ to the end of your URL. www.example.com/feed/

Tumblr: Add /rss.  https://example.tumblr.com/rss

Blogger: Add feeds/posts/defaultexample.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Alternatively, right-click anywhere on the website and ask to look at the source code (View Page Source). Search the Source Code for RSS. Mine was roughly halfway down the page.

Type that address into the Amazon box to add your blog and hit Enter.

You now have a blog on Amazon Author Central. Congratulations.

Uploading Media.

The bottom box on the right-hand corner allows for you to upload media, something, I admit, I still need to do beyond my first photo.

But what can you upload beyond a picture of yourself?

  • Pictures of:
    • Someone reading your book.
    • Your boks set our in an aesthetically pleasing way.
    • If you had a book signing – did you get pictures?
    • Your draft manuscript in all its scribbled on glory.
    • A page from inside your book.
  • Videos of:
    • An Add for your book.
    • A segment being read aloud.
    • A bok signing.
    • If you made the news or a show.

Well Done.

You now have a completed Amazon Authors Page.

Do Not forget to update it whenever you create a new piece of work!

Kelly is an author and blogger who completed her first novel while still in high school.

She is currently a full time writer. Her works include the outlaws series (4 books), The Lady in the Loft collection (Anthologies), Gaming blogs and guides (hired work), travel writing and more.

While Kelly has been writing stories for many years she got her start at online blogging through a free online course. This is what led to her being a full time work from home writer. To this day she states “It’s the best move I ever made.”

To learn how to earn money from home yourself you can sign up here at no cost. (Premium options available.)


  1. Wow, I think I was not fully aware that there is such a tool before this article. That’s so darn cool. And with that in mind, I definitely do subscribe to the idea of it being far more manageable in terms of getting a book published than it was in the past.

    I mean, I somehow really love the idea of self-publishing since I’ve heard that agencies typically do filter what the book’s contents are. Meaning, essentially, our voice is kind of modified based on the agenda and beliefs of other people. Sure, that can also be helpful sometimes to us help see things from another perspective or in proving tips into how to be more effective. But that is not the way to go, the way I see it. Just my two cents.

    Also, I do fondly agree with learning more about the author before you actually start reading or buy a new book. That’s often exactly the reason why I buy certain books. Not because of their titles but because of their authors. Also, I think this is a very timely article since many, indeed, do not keep their author pages updated. At least that’s what I think I’ve briefly seen.

    I do appreciate all of the instructions. 

    1. I’m glad that you found this useful. And I totally agree with what you say about agencies can make you lose your voice. I was speaking with one fellow recently and his publisher was giving him grief over the idea of a female being a victim in his children’s book. That’s all politics and has nothing to do with making a classic story. My argument with an agency was more basic, they wanted me to use the word said after every spoken line. I hated that, reading said after every spoken line grated on me, I would never finish those novels because of sheer irritation. 

      Self-publishing eliminates these issues, but it does bring along a different set of problems.

  2. Self-publishing is great for authors out there as it saves them time and money. These days it’s expensive to publish a book from looking for publishers which is tedious to low pay cuts with some publishers. I love the self-publishing idea because you can easily publish any book you want from the comfort of your room. Am not a book author but regularly buy books from amazon and I love the author’s page section because it gives you insights on the other and other books they may publish if you love one of their books.

    1. It’s great to hear from you, Kenny. 

      I know what you mean about the low pay cut. One publisher offered me a deal that included me not making a penny unless they sold 3000 books in six months. (They would keep the rights and keep selling the book after the six months and I wouldn’t make anything even if sales did pick after the six months). Have to be really careful with some publishers these days, makes self publishing sound safer.

  3. Thanks for sharing this very well written and informative article that you have written here. I have to say that i found this to be very interesting and informative. I didnt actually know anything about the amazon author program which i think i could well use as i already sell on amazon. Thanks again

  4. Thank you for opening my eyes on this. I will follow your suggestion of putting time into my Amazon Author page. I agree that nowadays anybody can publish a book. And then there are so many books out there, that we should try to make it easy for the reader to decide if they like us or not.

  5. Hi Kelly. Thank you for very interesting article. I just started my adventure with digital marketing recently and creating my own ebooks is important aspect of my strategy. To be fair I didn’t focus  too much into authors page on Amazon, but looking on your post it may be additional promotion possibility., Looking forward to use your advices and to create good author page for myself.

    1. Hi cogito. I must admit when I first started my writing journey I didn’t give the authors page much thought. It is within recent months that it has become a much better platform worth spending time in. The addition of the blog reel has made a big difference.

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