Happy December to all our readers. I assume you are all buried in gift wrap this month so I will keep this brief. Some time has passed since we last wrote here and we determined it was time to give you all an update from the lady in the loft.

First matter of discussion. Where have we been?!

I know, we went quiet. There are many reasons for this:

  1. We were tearing the website apart and re-building it.
  2. The Merch shop needed quality goods so we got in there and fixed it.
  3. We Created a Limited Edition Writers Planner.
  4. The Anthology has been giving us a nightmare during formating.
  5. Direction and planning was undertaken for 2022.

Today I will give you a brief explanation on each of these topics. Here is your December update from the Lady in the Loft.

Website Overhaul

update from the lady in the loft. We've made changes to the website.

For those of you who have been checking the site and sending us messages complaining about the lack of recent content, your wait is over.

We have spent these last months overhauling the Lady in the Loft Website. Our aim was to create a more user-friendly, easy to navigate, collection of tips, tricks, and writing help. This was after we discovered a lot of our older content was undiscoverable on the website.

Things we have improved:

  • You can now find information on relevenat topics through the catergories at the top of the page.
  • New and popular articles can be accessed on the right hand side of the page.
  • The ‘home page’ has been replaced with an ever updating list of recent content.
  • Pages are now easier to read with a better font and easier on the eyes color scheme.

Things to complete:

  • The 30 day course is nearing completion. (It got set aside for nearly a year as we debated the best way to present the material. Work has recently resumed.)
  • Competition Page. These will be revammped and reopned in January 2022 after the realease of the Anthology.

The Merch

Let’s face it, the merch shop looked sad.

An argument can be made that it looks sadder still with so few items available. However, the imagery is amazing. Instead of using the Lady in the Loft Logo, we have used the beautiful artwork that we commissioned for the Anthology Cover.

This amazing artwork makes for some good tops, so we have used a few high-quality pieces. Stay tuned for us to showcase some of these on the website soon. Or check out the goods here.

The Limited Edition Writers Planner

update from the lady in the loft. We've been designing.

This we are proud of.

We spent ages putting together a Limited Edition Writers Planner.

Using the same 2021-2022 artwork that was designed for the anthology we created a yearly planner. This planner includes:

  • Over 100 writing competitions!
  • Inspirational quotes from writers both new and old.
  • Quotes from books that suit each month.
  • Writing prompts.
  • Writing tips.
  • Notepaper.
  • Monthly Overviews.
  • Week to view setting.
  • Full color pages.

This is our first edition of the writers’ planner. Any feedback or improvements that you would like to see will go into next years planner.

The planner is currently in Review (the final stage before publishing) and will hopefully be available within the week. Follow us on Facebook for instant updates.

The Anthology

The Anthology is due to be published on the 1st of January 2022. Congratulations again to all of our winning entries, we can’t wait to see what you all write next year.

Have any of you ever argued with margins, images, and file embedding? If so, then you know and understand the issues we had with the Anthology.

We are doing our best to keep costs down for this years anthology. Only funds made from the Lady in the Loft competitions are used in the gathering of artwork and more, so in the end, it is you faithful writers that determine the end result. It is our hope that as the Lady in the Loft establishes itself as a writing community we can make the anthology better every year.

That isn’t to say this year’s anthology is bad. On the contrary, with unique images, great works of written art, advertisements and reviews of some amazing books, writing tips tricks and prompts. This anthology will be a fun read for any writer.

2022 Planning

update from the lady in the loft. We've been planning.

How many competitions should we hold? What should be the cost? what should be the themes? How many blogs does the website need? How much emphasis should we put on book reviews? Should we have a weekly or monthly theme for the newsletters? What prizes should we be offering?

These questions and more have been taken into consideration recently.

Going forward in 2022 we want to improve the service that we give to our readers. We want to do more of what is popular and less of what is not. We want to encourage writing, provide guides to self-publishing, help writers understand how to get published through agents and more.

If there is something that you would like to see on the Lady in the Loft website, now is the time to speak. Please leave a comment below, or send us a message using the contact us form.


  1. Congratulations on getting the website sorted and new content posted. It does look very attractive, btw. The question you ask for general comments on, about how many competitions and what kind, etc reminded me of something I read recently about the challenges writers face today. As someone so aptly said, your productivity as a writer is in direct inverse proportion to how often you are distracted by the internet.  So I guess the important point is that The Lady in the Loft should aim to be a resource that spurs writers to greater productivity rather than another source of distraction. I am very tempted by the  – write a book in 30 days btw I just hope I would get beyond the outline. Best regards, Andy

    1. Thank you for your comment Andy. You have raised a very good point (quickly shutting down the meme tab I was just browsing). The internet is a wonderful and terrible resource. I may indeed have to write a series based on the things that help us to avoid distractions. 

  2. Super excited about the updates to the website!

    It can be a real challenge to provide the experience you dream of for your viewers, and admitting where the flaws were is a major identifier of confidence as well as concern for your audience. Those are great qualities to associate yourself with, and I cannot wait to see what opportunities you present to us in the future!

    1. I never thought of it like that before. Thank you for pointing it out, it has given us more confidence to continue on the path we have started travelling. 

  3. I really like the revamped look of your website. You’ve done a really nice job. The colors pop and the layout is easy to navigate. I’m definitely going to have to take some time to read your blog posts to discover more. It’s terrific that you offer writing contests. Nice to know that still exists in this internet world we live in! 

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It is reassuring to know that we are taking the website in the right direction. Competitions will start again in January 2022 on the day this years anthology is published. 

  4. I will most probably get myself some merch for my partner. Tell me, what is your website all about? I mean I tried reading it but I still haven’t gotten the gist of it. It would be helpful if you could please tell me what it is all about. If it is something relatable I will share it with friends and family 

    1. The Lady in the Loft is a writing website. It is full of its and tricks for writers as well as regular writing competitions. The idea behind the writing here is not based so much on spelling and grammar, more on imagination. This is because it is hard for someone with Dyslexia to get published. Here we look at your imagination and storytelling abilities over your writing skills. We then polish up the winning pieces to be published in an anthology on a yearly basis. 

  5. Well done on getting your website updated and easier to navigate and find posts, it does look great. For anybody that is writing and has a dream of publishing a book, finding an agent could be a big obstacle. Do you think it is better to do self-publishing, or can distribution and advertising be better done through an agent and publishing house? 

    With everything going digital, could one just do an ebook, or does one also need to have physical copies printed? Personally I like turning the pages in a book and feeling the quality of the paper. Thanks for sharing your updates.

    1. Hi Line, thank you for dropping by. You raise some great questions here. 

      Writing for a publisher is worth doing if you can find the right agent and the right publisher. But you need to be aware of publishers that can take your rights to the story and leave you with nothing. (These publishers often offer you a deal where you make so much if you exceed so many sales. However, you are unlikely to make those sales unless you upfront pay 1000s towards advertising. You basically gamble the rights to your story if you go with the wrong publisher). Only seek out an agent or publisher if you have done the research. 

      Self Publishing can make you just as much as a normal publisher can, but it will take a lot longer to establish a base of readers. It requires more hard work on the part of the author to get noticed. Both sides have drawbacks, but both sides are worth pursuing. 

      I tend to make both ebooks and printed books. You have nothing to lose by offering both as there are plenty of people out there who still prefer to have the actual book in hand. I hope this helps.

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