Who is James Goddard?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the guy, yet. His website is full of information about his passions but not much about himself, but he isn’t a complete mystery.

Here’s what I do know.

About James Goddard

An image posted by the author.
James Goddard.

James was an assistant dance teacher before COVID 19. He had been doing this for so long he successfully catalogued the most common mistakes people made when dancing. He then wrote about these mistakes on PDF with the purpose of helping those dancers improve and get past these mistakes successfully.

This was when someone pointed out that he could turn it into a book. And he did.

Two amazingly useful self-help books on dancing later, he turned his attention to other novels. He had discovered the art of writing and become hooked.

While out walking in the green mountains of wales during a brilliant summer, he happened across a young lady who writes a lot (and I mean a lot) of fanfiction. This lady loved his passion for writing so much she called me and asked me to talk to him. I agreed with her.

A genuine author full of ideas, questions, and a burning desire to write. James is an author to watch out for!

I will be reviewing his works for you on this website shortly, so don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list or follow our Facebook group to follow this story. James will also be in the 2021 anthology!

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Published Works

The Goddard method of Ballroom and Latin dancing

This is the first book and the one I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. It will be interesting as I have never danced (well, you wouldn’t call it dancing anyway) so we’ll see how much a true beginner can understand. Maybe I can even convince my human to dance with me!

The Amazon Blurb tells us:

This book is for beginners and experienced dancers.

What you will find inside:
•Quick wins to make you look and feel great.
•Guidance on technique, steps and timing that will give you style.
•Easy to follow illustrations and directions of travel diagrams for dance moves.
•Technical information on how to improve your dancing as you gain experience.
•Things to consider when looking for a dance partner such as learning styles.

The Goddard method of Ballroom and Latin dancing Abridged

Similar to the one above but re-written during lockdown. This version includes:
•Quick wins to make you look and feel great.
•Guidance on technique, steps and timing that will give you style.
•Easy to follow illustrations and directions of travel diagrams for dance moves.

This is an abridged version of the information in my book (Goddard Method of Ballroom and Latin Dancing) released for lockdown and as we come out of it. The book focuses on the Latin part of Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Partner Dancing: Ballroom and Latin: Goddard Method

Partner Dancing: Ballroom and Latin: Goddard Method by [James Goddard, Eve Moesis, Susanna West-Yates]

This is book two. Let’s be honest here, the cover on this one looks WAY more interesting.

If I take delight in number one I will probably review number two, see if I can’t take that dancing to the next level. but what does it cover?

Tea dance or Strictly?

Your guide to successful partner dancing.

  • Learn how to be ready for social dances or more formal dances and classes.
  • Learn faster through clear diagrams and explanations.
  • Uncover secrets of each dance.
  • Social etiquette for success with a partner.

This book is for beginners and experienced dancers.

What you will find inside:

  • Quick wins to enhance your style and fluency.
  • Guidance on simple steps and timing that will polish your technique.
  • Easy to follow illustrations and travel directions for each dance move.
  • How to improve your visibility and confidence on the dance floor.
  • Considerations when looking for a dance partner such as learning styles.

So, with this one, my human HAS to dance with me. I’m liking the sound of this series more and more!

Coming Soon

Just because the first two books are all about the dance, doesn’t mean all his books are.

Coming in Autumn 2021 The Goddard Method of Judo. His website has a free sample. Check it out here.

Not mentioned on his website is the children’s book he is working on. I’ve heard the story for this and I am telling you, it is beautiful. Tugged at my heart just hearing it. While we do not have a release date yet it is definitely something to watch for and I hope I get the chance to review it.

Get a Free Book

James Goddard does not underestimate the power of a promotion.

Often times you will find one of his books free on Kindle Unlimited. Other times one of his books will be freely available for kindle download most Saturdays.

If you do get a copy of his works, help out the man who is bringing dancing into your home, leave a review. If you really enjoy it, you can contact him through his website to say how much you enjoyed it, I’m sure he would love to hear from a fan.

These are the current times you will be able to get your hands on a free copy: (Don’t forget to leave a review!) More dates will be published as I receive them.

Goddard Method of Ballroom & Latin Dancing will be FREE Saturday 28th August, Saturday 11th September, Saturday 25th September, Saturday 9th October, & Saturday 23rd October.

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  1. Great article, Kelly!

    I’ve always felt I had a dancer inside me, but I’ve never known how to express it. I didn’t really want to take classes because I didn’t really have time, so I had to put the idea aside. (Admittedly, though, I’ll still do a little jig whenever I find myself alone–and I don’t think it would look very good on the dance floor).

    But after all that, I find myself here reading about this book that teaches the art of dancing without all the time commitment! It probably wouldn’t be as good as an actual dancing class, but I never even thought about this as a second option. Plus, I like books, so reading a book about dancing sounds like a lot of fun.

    (I looked at the table of contents on Amazon and the first thing I saw was the “double reverse spin waltz.” The book is now in my cart.)

    Have you tried any of the dances in the book? Also, is there stuff in the book you can practice without a partner? It seems like trying to do a ballroom dance by yourself would be a bit difficult.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing this info! It’s certainly given me a thing or two to think about, anyways.


    1. That’s great news! I’m glad we could help you find your inner dancer again. I haven’t tried any yet, but when I do you will find a review up on this site. 

  2. It’s exciting to see how during this pandemic, new talents have been discovered. I feel that even years ahead from now, we’ll look back to 2020 and see how many people started following a new passion. And I also love writing. So, James’ story is inspiring to me. I am eager to follow your blog to get acquainted with his work. Thank you!

    1. I totally agree Paolo. It is awesome to see how many people are doing the things they always said they will do too. 

  3. Wow, this article is on point! I was wondering how I would do during this pandemic because I intended to learn ballroom dancing. However, I am too scared with the pandemic and I don’t want people to touch me (I know I am a little bit scared…) But this article will help me to fulfill my dreams even if I am not learning in a formal course right now. I have a question though: what is the content of the free book? THanks!

    1. The free books change depending on Mr Goddars preference for the weekend. This weekend he is promoting the Goddard method of Ballroom and Latin Dancing where you can learn steps and techniques from basic to more advanced within the safety of your own homes. Look out for my review coming later this week for a full account of what you can find in the book.

  4. Like you, I had never heard about James Goddard either and I didn’t know that he was a dance teacher. Because of the pandemic, I am quite rusty now and I didn’t have any more dance classes. This book will hopefully put me back on track and loosen my hips again, it looks like a good resource full of tips to feel and look well from dancing:-)

    1. Hi Lizy. I am halfway through the book (would be further but had a covid situation) From what I have seen so far, these books have everything you need to get dancing again. I’ve never danced before and even I have pulled off some of the moves.

  5. Reading about James Goddard was very interesting. Seems like it can be a biography, but at the same time it is as he is expressing his interest. I wouldn’t mind joining in a group or club as hobby in dancing. It’s good to be active and mingle. My question would be has his interest for his talent changed over the years. Is the love for dancing still the same?

    1. Having spoken to him in recent weeks I would say his passion is thriving as much now as it ever has. But you can always check out his own website for more details.

  6. I feel a little bit like Mr. Goddard in the fact that I decided to start a new chapter during the pandemic and ultimately finding my way to blogging and reading this story. I use to dance a lot in my twenties, twenty plus years later I find it difficult due to knee issues. Dancing is a great feel good stress reliever, I’d be interested in learning the etiquette with ballroom kind of dancing.

    1. Hi frank. I’m so glad you used the negativeness of the pandemic to find something positive. Shame about your knees when it comes to dancing, I can see how it would be a great stress reliever, dancing the night away.

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