Welcome to my baby. I started writing this collection a long time ago… no, wait, that makes me sound like an old-age pensioner… I started writing this collection yesterday. Yes, that sounds better. XD

No, really, I started in early high school, this is reflected in my writing. When reading the books, while I am very proud of them, you can tell the first book was my first book. Even when I read back I can see the writing improve as I improved.

The first three books were originally published separately in the following order.

  • Outlaws: The Eagles
  • Outlaws: The Slave Trade
  • Outlaws: Freedom Fighters

I then republished the books with some fixes and additions (spelling and parts I wanted to include originally but didn’t know how to write) as one volume. A big volume, but as most people read on kindle now they won’t worry about trying to hold it. I put them all under one name. Outlaws: The Eagles and the first section was re-christened Year One. Not original I know, but it was all my brain dead mind could think of that day.

You can buy it here or get it free if you are signed up to Kindle unlimited. If you are not signed up to unlimited you can sign up here for free for a limited period, then it will be £7.99 a month. With 1000s of books at your fingertips, this isn’t a bad trade-off.

It was many years between the first books and the next. The next one is once more a start of a group of three, I’ll tell you why I write in groups of three in a minute, I called the fourth in the series, Outlaws: Angel of Death. This one definitely has a marked improvement on the others and I had a lot of fun revisiting the old characters.

Now introductions have been made, let me tell you about the series.

Outlaws: The Eagles (Year One)

Kaz is a 13 year old girl who has a mysterious past that left her with a brand on her arm. She spends her free time researching the dangerous gang that is known to be behind that type of brand eventually finding out that she was once a victim of this group. The Eagles.

In researching them she once again becomes their target. This powerful group frames her for murder, gets her away from the police protection she’d been under for years but fails to re-take her. Instead, she falls into a rival gang, a gang of outlaws. They live outside the law and are treated accordingly, but she soon finds out they live outside the law because the police force of the UK (and the UK group of FBI loaned by America that my young mind made up) are filled with bad cops, bribed cops, and Eagles who have wormed their way into the cops. The outlaws have made it their mission to take the Eagles down, they cannot do this if the law is working gainst them.

In this first year, Kaz learns how to defend herself, how to fight and how to handle pain and emotions, but she also makes herself a personal enemy of the leader of the Eagles. He puts forth a lot of effort into capturing her eventually succeeding in taking her and two of her friends.

Outlaws: The Slave Trade

Eagles have been kidnapping youngsters for years, kidnapping them and making them work, building a grand underground city where criminals can live and thrive. Kaz and her friends are put to work in this complex, but the leader of the Eagles, Wu, has another interest in this young outlaw.

Kaz had spent the last year living with the Eagles enemy, the outlaws. This meant that she knew how they did things, how they worked, what defences they had, what weaknesses they had… Wu, experienced in methods of ‘interviewing’ stubborn people, begins to turn the screw on this now 14 year old for information. But she is more stubborn then he first thought.

Kaz spends a long and painful time in his hands, the outlaws face downfall after downfall. This book does not look good for the good guys until, by chance, 3 more outlaws find their way into the Eagles base and attempt an escape with Kaz in their wake.


Outlaws: Freedom Fighters

The thrilling finale to a rollercoaster series. Although Kaz is hurt in more ways than one, and not all her friends survived the previous book, she is still standing. Rejoined with the outlaws she gives them all the intel she learned form the Eagles and a counter strike is prepared. This strike is meant to stop the Eagles once and for all.

This book brings together all the characters in one final showdown inside the Eagles base. Police and outlaws fight side by side, but the police still had badness in their ranks leading to their plan being leaked, the Eagles were ready for them.

Kaz concentrates on getting her friends out alive but at great cost. Face to face with Wu Kaz could do nothing to stop him from landing the final blow with his blade.

Outlaws: The Angel of Death

Of course, Kaz survived, this is her series after all. No longer an outlaw she attempts to restart her life, not an easy task with everything she’s been through. Now expected to go to school and be a normal fifteen-year-old she has a lot of adapting to do.

She finds a release for all her stresses with a local running club. A parkour running club. This was all going great and well until she ran into trouble. Eagles, remnants of a now disorganised group, are trying to find a bomber for his services. The first thing they blow up, Kaz’s new home.

From the streets of Washington to the ruins of a mental hospital, this book takes you a fast and furious journey of a trouble maker trying to stay out of trouble.

Ah, but that’s all I’ve let you know for book titles. Here’s a sneak peak at the next one.

Outlaws: Echoes in the Dark

A work in progress. Here’s an extract:

“Kaz is scheduled for a flight back to Britain,” he said with a flicker of a smile. Rien let her head drop again. He wasn’t talking to her, he did this a lot, musing over his notifications on his computers. Rien had no idea who Kaz was and really didn’t care, it was just another name he mentioned when he was working. However, somewhere in her tired mind, an idea was forming.
“Is she your daughter?” she asked quietly.
No answer, just a cold silence. Then she felt his slender fingers on her chin, raising her head once more till she was looking up at him. Her tears renewed and trailed down her cheeks, dripping over his fingers.
“You look like her,” he finally replied. “But you are a disappointment, like the rest,” he continued letting her go and picking up his blade once more. “She’d still be fighting back,” he brought the blade to her face and she backed up as much as her bonds will allow. “You’ve given up.”

Like I said, an extract. You’ll have to wait for more.

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Why In Groups Of Three?

Ever read Brian Jacquees? Redwall? Mossflower? How about his other series with Ben and Ned? The Flying Dutchman?

He is the reason why I write in groups of three. I loved his books (still do as a matter of fact). He always has three sections in his books. It just makes them so much easier to read. Three definitive main sections separated by chapters.

He’s not the only one though. The Lord of the Rings came in three books, much too J R R Tolkien’s disappointment (He wanted to publish the whole thing as one volume). Side note: it was eventually published as one volume which you can get here.

I saw this again and again with different book I borrowed from the library, it stuck with me and I decided to adopt this approach for the Outlaws series.

Have You Read Them?

Have you read any of the above books? What did you think?

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