Pens are easy to get a hold of. Let’s face it, you don’t even need to buy one. ‘Borrow’ one
from a bank (You know, those baskets of cheap ass pens they have on the side), get
them in the post from those charity packs you throw in the bin, visit the shops that have
baskets of pens for advertising purposes (like the car mechanic in Tywyn).

If pens are so easy to get, why should we pay for them? Better question yet, why pay
£10 plus for a decent one? Here are my top ten Reasons to pay more for your pen.

10 – Save The World

How many pens do you throw away?

First and foremost here we need to talk about the environment. I’m sure you
understand why. How many of those cheap, single-use pens, that you get hold of in the
post, through marketing, are made of plastic?

Most disposable plastic pens are not biodegradable.

We are no just talking about free pens, also the cheap multipacks that you can buy. They
end up in Landfills, waterways and they can be there for centuries poisoning our
environment as they slowly break down. The USA alone throws away 1.6 billion pens a
year. Can you imagine 1.6 billion pens?

Put it this way. The average pen is 5.5 inches. There are 63,360 inches in 1 mile. That
means if we are to put these pens end to end we would have 11520 pens in a line.
1.6 billion pens would span the length of 139000 miles of pens end to end ( or 223698
Km). Still hard to picture? 24,901 miles to go around the earth, this means these pens
will be able to wrap around the earth 5 and a half times! That was just the pens from
in the USA, imagine how many pens from the world.

How is this relevant? If we all stop buying disposable pens, it would no longer be an
issue. Buy a better pen.

9 – Better Ink Flow

cheap pens can die the same day you buy them.

There is nothing worse than writing with a pen that stops and starts. Cheap pens leave
blotches on your page, gaps in your writing, you have to go over something again and
again to fill in the gaps making things look messy. Your page ends up with random
scribbles in the corner where you have scribbled to get the ink moving again, you lick the
end, you roll the pen over in your hand. Does this sound familiar?

These are all reasons to pay for a decent pen.

Quality pens take pride in designing pens that do not stop and start, do not leave
blotches on the page and write very smooth. It is the pride of a pen company to talk
about the smoothness of their creations.

Stop the argument with a pen that stops and starts, buy quality.

8 – Easier On The Hands

The right pen can prevent getting an RSI.

Cheap plastic pens are not made with your health in mind. How can a pen hurt your
health? I once struggled with RSI (Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term used to
describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons caused by repetitive movement
and overuse.) I got RSI in my wrist and hand and hand to change the way I do things.

If you are using a cheap pen for several hours a day (like a writer would) you can
develop this problem. Even if only using a cheap pen for a short period of time the
design can cause your hand and wrist to ache.

You can avoid this problem altogether by buying a decent pen.

Quality pens are designed to be easier on the hands. You can buy thick pens, medium
pens, slimline pens, pens with a rounder bottom, pens with a thicker top… the list goes
on. When you decide to invest in a quality pen, first find the pen shape that is best suited
to you.

7 – Improved Hand Writing

Man Writing Document Dinning Table Concept
Write smoother and look cooler!

Having a pen with smooth ink and a pen that fits your hand without causing aches
improve your handwriting.

Think about it, you will not be going over and over, writing the same bit trying to get
the ink to flow, you will no longer be scribbling in the corners of your page and your
hand will not ache or become shaky as you write from bad pen design.

6 – They Work When You Need Them

Make your money go further with a pen that lasts longer.

How many times have you picked up a pen when on the phone because you need to
write something real quick, only to discover the pen doesn’t work?

Cheap disposable pens do not last long.

Quality made pens often tell you how many hours of writing they can endure before you
need new ink. Certainly, the manufacturers have records of it as all the pens are tested to
ensure they work smoothly through all the ink. If such information isn’t on the page for
that pen a google search of the ink cartridge itself will provide answers.

My favourite answer by far was from an Amazon Customer talking about the refills to a
parker pen cartridge:

If you write one word a day the ink will last for precisely 4 years, 8
months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 9 hours

Amazon Customer

It depends on the pen for which cartridge you will end up using, however most pen
cartridges last a good amount of time.

5 – Greater Variety of Inks

Bolder inks with more choice in colour become available with quality pens.

Using ink bottles or ink cartridges opens up a world of personalisation. No longer will
you be another person writing in black ink, you will be the one who writes in one of the
many following options:

• Petrol Blue
• Elixir black
• Emerald Green
• Carbon Black
• Cognac
• Cobalt Blue
• Garnet
• Midnight
• Stone
• Gryffindor Red
• Knight Bus Purple
• Gold

At least 400 different shades of colour. Which one suits your personality?

4 – Conversation Starter

The Conversation. Calgary
It will give you something to talk about!

From a fancy looking pen to a pen that writes in Emerald green. Pens can be a real ice
breaker for a conversation. You can tell a lot about a person from the pen they use, Posh
Montblanc, Sensible Parker, Luxurious Lanier. Limited Edition or longstanding make?
White or black? Silver or Gold?

If you see someone using a quality pen, ask them about it, ask them what made them
choose that brand, most of the time a lot of thought has gone into it. Tell people what
made you decide on yours, talk about the days when you used to use the cheap plastic
ones and how much the pen has changed your life. Make an elaborate story where the
pen saved you from a life or death situation. The opportunities for conversation are

3 – Improved Desk Look

Until you bought that one perfect pen you probably had a mug on your desk holding a
collection of pens, yes. Some worked, some didn’t some had caps, some had long since
lost the caps, one had leaked. Sound familiar?

Now you have the opportunity to have a single stand with a single good looking pen, the
stand itself is another opportunity to show off your glowing personality. Just check out
some of these options and you will see what I mean.

2 – Saves money

Buying a quality pen saves you in the long run.

Sure, it may be a nuisance to pay out between £10 to £50 for the pen you want when
you can just go to the closest corner shop and pay £1.99 for a multipack. But those pens
don’t last. The average household buys a multipack 4 times a year, that’s already £8. If
you do that for 30 years that’s £240.

It works out cheaper, in the long run, to invest in a pen and pay for replacement inks on
the occasions you need to. (Best done during sale season, January).

1 – Improves Confidence.

Myles Munroe | Visions Die in the Absence of Confidence
Don’t let your vision die!

Having a quality pen can improve your confidence.

This is especially true of job hunting and job interviews. You don’t even need to mention
the pen, using that pen to take notes, fill out forms and sign your life away boosts your
own confidence. You own something quality, you made that step and bought something
functional and decent that saves the planet.

Imagine the opposite, You’re at a job interview taking important notes and the pen
stops working. The effect that will have on your confidence.

Having a pen that you can rely on boosts confidence.

Kelly is an author and blogger who completed her first novel while still in high school.

She is currently a full time writer. Her works include the outlaws series (4 books), The Lady in the Loft collection (Anthologies), Gaming blogs and guides (hired work), travel writing and more.

While Kelly has been writing stories for many years she got her start at online blogging through a free online course. This is what led to her being a full time work from home writer. To this day she states “It’s the best move I ever made.”

To learn how to earn money from home yourself you can sign up here at no cost. (Premium options available.)

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