Silver coin of Neapolis / Naples with head of the Siren Parthenope (beginning 4th century BC) - Naples Archaeological Museum

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The March Writing Competition went by the theme Silver. This was up to interpretation by our contestants.

The winning piece was small but deep. What do you all make of it?

The Winning Entry

Silver Lining by Selena

Blue sky in the clouds

I provide rain or shapes or sunbeams or to try and reflect myself in places.

I even have planes create their personal footprint through me and trail me across the sky.

I am loved for covering the sun and hated for covering the sun.

I am loved for bringing the rain and hated for bringing the rain.

Some people see me as shapes, and some don’t.

Some love my style, and some don’t.

But Ive noticed something.

I provide all this and you all have different opinions.

But there is one thing that I provided and you all always look for it, everyday without fail, and want it so bad.

It puts an amazing look on your face when you see it, one filled with appreciation and hope and pure joy.

It seems to be your favourite colour above all.

Can you guess what it is?

That’s right.

Its Silver.

For every cloud has a silver Lining.

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