I remember reading this the first time. I’ve read it many times since then and it still makes me laugh. I even wrote to the author to tell him how much I enjoyed his work. It brought light in a dark few months where I’d lost my job and rental home in one fell swoop.

If you need something to make you laugh out loud, scream at the pages, and cry, this is the perfect book.

This was an amazing story that followed the thoughts and life of typical teenage Conor, with his not so typical parents. A normal boy with normal expectations and problems until one morning when a group on horseback knocked at his door. Conor was then thrown into `the land’ where he meets an amazing ensemble of friends, not quite friends, and enemies. In this world, it seems, everyone, he meets wants him dead, so begins his journey of survival as he tries to figure out the land and its wild but glorious nature.

As the book was written in the first person, it is a very easy book to read, but also a most enjoyable book to read filled with moments of laughter and joy, yet with beautifully written emotional scenes and captivating action. This book was a joy to read and the best story I have read in a long time. It made me laugh and it made me cry (causing a moment of awkwardness when the train conductor asked me if everything was okay – and the mess the tears made of my makeup…) I would highly recommend this book to people of all ages and wish the author all the best in his future writings.

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