Sometimes you just need an idea to get you motivated. With that in mind I thought of 40 quick write writing prompts for you to get started with:

  • 011 -When I woke up I had everything. 
  • 012 -When I woke up I had nothing.
  • 013 -They say that opposites attract, they were right, but still, dead and alive should not attract. My life is weird.
  • 014 -So this morning I gave birth. I wasn’t pregnant yesterday.
  • 015 -They tell me I’m going to die, they don’t know I’m immortal yet. This should be fun.
  • 016 -So this morning I started my regular routine, make coffee, burn my toast… then I remembered, I died last night.
  • 017 -I wasn’t there when I died. Funny story really, I was inhabiting the body of the person I thought was going to kill me. He was actually trying to save me. 
  • 018 -In a world where witchcraft is frowned upon, I was born a witch into a family of witch hunters.
  • 019 -I ask my dog dumb questions a lot. Today his answer sent me reeling.
  • 020 -The monster in my cupboard has awesome dress sense. He taught me how to dress for every occasion.
  • 021 -We buried my dad last year, for the 27th time.
  • 022 -I always wanted to travel the world, this was not what I had in mind.
  • 023 -Dad always says this will be the best Christmas ever but not for me, he gets distracted from me at this time…My dad is Santa Claus and this year I’m going to see how much sabotage he can take.
  • 024 -I did not realise I could breathe underwater for this long. It was cool when I lasted a few minutes, but 2 hours in the novelty has worn off. I need to do something about these chains.
  • 025 -When they threw in the fire I thought that was it. They must have thought so too, they are long since gone. I’m sat here turning flames into rude shapes.
  • 026 -Did you know that standing in front of cars is dangerous? Well, I do NOW.
  • 027 -Everyone was always scared of the vacuum of space. It’s dangerous, you can’t breathe, instant death. That’s what they told us anyway. It took an explosion that threw me far from the ship for me to realise it was all a lie, they were hiding the truth from us… with good reason.
  • 028 -When I gave birth to twins I thought my life was blessed. It turns out it was half blessed. I didn’t realise you could give birth to the Christ and anti-Christ at the same time.
  • 029 -I was told I would never make a great author. I sold my soul to the devil so I could bring my stories to life. This wasn’t quite what I had in mind.
  • 030 -I was gifted with the power to bring stories to life, not my own though. I can stand in a library and pull the scenes out of the books so people could watch them. It was a well-paid job. Some books are so badly written it doesn’t work. This one was so magical it exploded out of my control.
  • 031 -A library, where every book is writing itself as the stories unfold, you are the caretaker.
  • 032 -A space station, you are the only occupant, so who keeps talking to you on a night time?
  • 033 -You organise video calls for your family every week, one week someone you do not know joins in by accident but hangs around any way.
  • 034 -As you stare down the barrel of the gun, knowing your time was up, you hear a voice out of heaven cry: “STOP!” and your slightly tipsy guardian angel lands beside you and your dealer. “We can work this out yea. If I lose another one I’m fired.”
  • 035 -You never believed in Hell or heaven, your life was less than innocent. When you die you find yourself at the door to hell, Satan himself holds out a hand to shake yours. “You, Sir, have been fun to watch. The way you poisoned your lover so you can sell the house. Priceless!”
  • 036 -You are a reaper, your job is to help the dead get to where they need to go. This stubborn old man refuses to leave because his flowers need him’.
  • 037 -You are a guardian angel, but the one you guard is a nuisance, they know you are there and do everything they can to give you the slip.
  • 038 -You are on a zoom call with your significant other when they are kidnapped. 
  • 039 -The world ended last night, but you are still here.
  • 040 -The government has started a new scheme. Sign up to become a superhero.
  • 041 -People are going missing on your street. You notice they go missing at the same time as a flash of light every night.
  • 042 -You are immortal, the government has found out and decide you are the perfect candidate for a bunch of experiments.
  • 043 -The things you write come true, so long as they are realistic enough. You have been kidnapped by 2 men who want positions of power.
  • 044 -Your life is mental, no sooner do you get the 1-year-old to sleep, the 2-year-old starts crying. You wish for silence and suddenly both your kids are gone.
  • 045 -Someone busts into your apartment. You grab a weapon but they hold out their hand. “We need to go. Now.”
  • 046 -Sat in school waiting for something interesting to happen, when the quiet boy sat next to you whispers. “Someone’s sent an assassin after me. I need company to walk home tonight.”
  • 047 -You live alone, you work alone, you sleep alone. So who is it that you have just found in your kitchen making you breakfast?
  • 048 -Some random person in the street hands you an envelope. “It’s up to you now.” They gasp before promptly dying at your feet.
  • 049 -The family says you spend too much time gaming. Now you’ve found yourself trapped in this online world with no hope of escape you may be beginning to agree with them. You also may be the last hope for everyone stuck in there.
  • 050 -You really wanted to climb that mountain. Now you’re stuck up there.

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