Years ago I put my first three books into one volume, then I got them reviewed at Readers Favourite. Read about them here (link not yet active – I will write this post next).

Readers Favourite gives you a review out of 5. The Outlaws scored 4 out of 5 on the 17th September 2013.

The Book Blurb

A criminal organisation holding all the cards. A group of outlaws fighting the odds. One stubborn teenager who can turn the tables. When Kaz, a traumatised teenager, gets on the wrong side of the Eagles she is thrown into a dangerous world of corrupt police forces, heartless murderers and broken promises.

Placing her trust in Priestley (a wanted outlaw) Kaz joins the fight to bring the Eagles down and turns the fight into a personal vendetta against Wu (the leader of the Eagles) as he determines to break her. From the mountains of Wales to the coast of Robin Hood’s Bay; Kaz fights for, not only her own life but the lives of her friends.

More Details

If you would like a more in-depth look at what these books have to offer, follow this link here. Warning, the page will hold spoilers.

The Official Review

The Eagles have been kidnapping kids for a long time now, but the authorities are not able to stop them. So the Outlaws made it their mission to stop the Eagles. When Kaz was almost kidnapped, Priestley, one of the Outlaws, helped Kaz escape from them. One would think that she was a victim of the Eagles, but instead, she was questioned for the death of her best friend.

When she refused to take the blame, she was proclaimed an Outlaw too. Were the Eagles interested in just kidnapping her or are they interested because of a secret from her childhood? Outlaws: The Eagles by Kelly Pickering is a novel full of gunfights, car chases, Eurocopter rides, and much more.

Sometimes I forget that most of the characters are children; there was lots of violence and death, and the kids were usually the victims. But once I got over the goriness, the story was pretty good. It dragged for the first part up to the middle, with lots of ups and downs, but just when you thought the story was coming to a conclusion, more problems would arise. The last 40%, though, was really exciting.

I agree with Sandra when she said that Kaz can be a bitch, because she was, most of the time. But she’s cool and so bad-ass. I also love the Pantha triplets; they were like Tweedledee and Tweedledum if they had a third, and skilled in the use of guns and hand-to-hand combat. Overall, Outlaws is a good read and deserves its rating.

Reviewed by Lorena Sanqui for Readers’ Favourite

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