I read this book after finding it on the Online Book Club. Not a bad site but I personally didn’t get along with it. Read the full review here.

I initially wrote an A4 review on this book for the book club. This review vanished into the aether. However, the book deserved to have my full marks so I give it another glowing review on Amazon.

Here are my thoughts on this amazing book.

Simply Amazing

The Main character in this book is so human despite being a vampire. He makes mistakes that are painfully hilarious. Many a time I found myself freaking out, covering my eyes:-

“No! Don’t do it! You’ll regret it. No!”

While still trying to read the page.

He did it.

And you know he is going to regret it, sometimes chapters later when you’ve forgotten about the incident, in some of the most hilarious and unexpected ways.

He creates a team around him which becomes a community. Makes powerful enemies who believe they can take him on. HA! who are they fooling?

He doesn’t understand women in the same way any man fails to understand a woman and makes offending them all to easy and equally as funny. It was amusing, being a woman, and knowing exactly what he had done to upset her. Yet knowing, if a man was reading, he would be just as confused as the main character.

All in all this book is great at keeping you on your toes. A real page turner that I plan to read again, this time to my husband because I know he’ll love it just as much as I did.

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