I say merchandise, but you all know I mean the greatest pads and pens I can find that showcase this epic game series. Shout out if you’ve played Breath of the Wild! Shout out if you haven’t yet and want too. (ME!) Shame it’s only on the Wii system, I don’t have one at the moment. I love collecting notepads. I don’t think there a writer that exists that doesn’t have several notepads hanging aroud the house. But plain pads are boring, we like something inspirational. I especially like to collect notepads that feature games I found inspiring. Zelda is one of these games.


The Triforce is the ultimate source of power in these games. The Triforce is the balancing power between Wisdom, Power and Courage. This power will grant the wish of whoever obtains it. It is the power Link chases in order to thwart evil in the game series. It is also a defining symbol of the zelda series. Everyone recognises it as belonging to that cool series. That is what makes it so cool! Here are some UK pads that host the symbol. I have to show this one first. It lights up!
And this premium leather book looks so sophisticated for the price. I especially enjoy the simplicity of the design and the icons on the inside corners of each page.
There are so much more of these that one could enjoy but I’m going to leave it with these two. They are definitely the greatest of the collection that I found. Next we will move on to the star of the show. Link himself.


This character has been amazing through the ages. From a blocky little guy who hid in barrels, to that sexy looking hero that turned into a wolf. link through the ages has been awesome. I’m sure he will continue to be so over the next age, so long as Nintendo keeps up the good work. Here are two awesome pads that show case our hero. I’m going to start with this very bold 3D one. look at him go. I want to say this one if from Skyward Sword. I did enjoy Skyward. That whole scenario with the bully that helped the old lady repeatedly. He was great in the end even if we hated him to begin with. This pad though, it’s spiral bound, bold, bright, epic looking with a great back cover too. Not to mention it’s got a very decent price tag!
For the second pad to talk about link I’m going to show you one I’ve already reviewed.


A common mistake with this series is to call Link Zelda. While it seems strange that the game is named after her while you spend the game playing him, more often then not trying to save her life, there is a reason for it. Officially, Miyamoto at Nintendo thought “The Legend of” sounded cool for an action-adventure video game, and “Zelda” was added to the title because she protects Hyrule. Unofficially, while the game calls Link, Link because he links people together, in some of them you can choose your name. So legend of Link doesn’t work. I think we can agree it’s a great game either way. Here are some Zelda themed pads. Surprisingly, given how pretty Zelda is, finding notepads that feature her is rather hard. I did find a couple though.

Some Amazing Zelda Moments.

I have barely brushed the tip of the iceberg. The legend of Zelda have so many amazing characters involved. Let me know if you want me to do another collection featuring some of the following:

My favourite bad guy:

Midna was the best element of the Twilight Princess.

The cute leaf guys. Korok!

Let me know which characters you missed in this list.

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