Online Book Club Homepage is a great place to find new books, new writers, long standing but quiet writers, new ideas and point of views. But is the Online Book Club worth joining. I can only answer this from the point of view of an author on the ARA (Authors Reviewing Authors) in the book club, here’s why.

I originally joined because of promise of payment for reviewing books. This is a great idea, yes, you need to buy the book, but you end up with a potentially great book and payment of $10 for reviewing it. Seems fair to me.

If You Sign Up As An Author

Here was a problem. I signed up as an author and couldn’t get paid for reviewing books. That option does not exist. You do get the option to put your own book up for review and the prices are not terrible.

Level 1 Review – $97 (apprx £72) Includes:

  • 1-week featured status.
  • Entry into Book of the Year Contest!
  • Average turnaround: 4 months

Level 2 Review – $148 (apprx £111) Includes:

  • 2 weeks featured status
  • Entry into Book of the Year Contest!
  • Average turnaround: 3 months

Level 3 Review – $197 – (apprx £147) Includes:

  • 1 month featured status
  • 1 week homepage link to review
  • Entry into Book of the Year Contest!
  • Average turnaround: 2 months

Level 4 Review – $297 – (apprx £223) Includes:

  • 2 months featured status
  • 2-week homepage link to review
  • Guaranteed to get one of a few top-level reviewers
  • Entry into Book of the Year Contest!
  • Average turnaround: 1 month

It is important to note that this is not offering Positive Reviews, it is offering Honest reviews, which in my mind is a lot better. Honesty is the best policy afterall.

And in all honesty, I looked at my options and sulked. After all, I hadn’t come here to get my own book reviewed. I’d come here to make some surplus coin so I could use surplus coin to get my book reviewed.

Coming Up Against The Rules

With this problem in mind I looked at creating a new account and came across this warning:

It is against the rules to create multiple accounts for any reason.

Awwww. Spoil sports. Creating another account could get me banned. But why?

They do bring up a fair point: Having multiple accounts could cause a problem with your PayPal payments.

Would they really know if you had multiple accounts? If you use the same IP address, or laptop, then yes. 2 sisters were banned because they both used the same laptop to review books and earn money from home. If you have more then 1 person in house reviewing books you need to let them know, and you can’t review the same books.

Reviewing My First Book

But I want to review books. So, I reviewed a book anyway whilst thinking about my dilemma. I needed something to read to take my mind off it. Followed all the steps, wrote the review to a fantastic book, added it to the account using the steps given aaaaand…. It vanished into the aether.


A long positive review for Nightlord Sunset and it was just gone. I can find it nowhere on the website, nothing even acknowledges I’d accepted the review and reviewed the book. The book was too good to suffer this fate so I went to amazon and wrote a quick review for it. Find it here.

Update: After contacting for help about the missing review it was collected from the aether and can be found here.

Book Review Options

No problems here. There’s so many books to choose from you will defiintely find something worht reading!

Here’s my current option page:

I have 40 books on this page as I scroll down, and this page changes regularly. I am not short on choice.


A note on the navigation. It sucks.

Every section in the top menu has it’s own FAQ page, and not one of them answers all the questions I want answers to. Neither the FAQ pages or the forums have a search button making things difficult.

I cannot find the ARA home page unless I go to the FAQs section and look at the question about doing reviews as an Author. I cannot seem to find this option anywhere in the menus.

The site is not very user friendly and could do with a good overhaul.

Earning Credits Instead Of Cash

There does exist a way to review books on here as an author you just don’t get paid for it. Instead of earning money, you earn credits through the ARA. Authors Reviewing Authors. Every book you review will earn you one credit.

This means I have 1 credit. However, the credits do not go towards getting your book reviewed the first time on their site.

You will be able to apply your saved accrued credits to your book once it earns a full 4/4.

So what are the credits for then, if not for getting a review in the first place?

After searching all the FAQs and finding nothing I took to the forums. still found nothing. Honestly, I’ll update this when I figure out what purpose these credits hold. For the sake of science, I may have to purchase a book review of my own. Just not yet.

Would you like to support the cause? With only 72 £1 donations I can set the wheels in motion to see if this site is really worth all the trouble as an author. In the mean time I will keep reviewing books and earning credits.

Alternatively, you can get reviewed with me. I offer a reviewing service for just £20, check it out here.

Or I offer a review for a review service on my latest book. Find out more here.


  1. This sounds interesting. At the time of the pandemic, many people were at home and the number of hobbies was reduced to a minimum. In my country, a lot of things are closed, so we can’t even go to the library, cafe, etc. I’d love to find out more about this and if it turns out to be good, I’m sure I’d enjoy all the books it offers.

    1. Funny you should mention the pandemic. that’s how I found it in the first place XD. I’ve just picked a new book of their shelves, I must say if nothing see the quality of the books on there seem to be amazing.

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing this wonderful online place with us. I love to read and books are my passion. I really like that I could find new books to read in one place, especially in this time of pandemic when I can’t go to the bookstore or the mall to buy a new book .. Greetings!

    1. Oooh, I miss the joys of a bookstore, especially those with a cafe inside. Coffee, books, stationery, places of heaven.

  3. Hello! Well thanks for your honest review. In my opinion, reading books online would not be able to replace Been in an actual book club and meeting different people as they share different opinions on a book OR the special feels of going to the library! how much things changed because of COVID. , but its is the best we have got right? I would definitely keep an eye out for this. 

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a real world book club, too many people and not enough books, but I can see how great it would be to sit and talk about some of the amazing books one has read. some of my best conversations with family have been about books. I don’t think it is the same online, but it is nice to have a group of people to talk to about a book that you have found wonderful. I do agree that going to the library has a special feeling. I miss going to the library.

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