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Can I enter multiple times into the same competition?


You can enter as many times as you like into the Monthly competition but there is only one winner.

Tri-monthly competitions – it’s free to enter, go wild. We love reading.

You can enter as many times as you like into the six-monthly competition, you will have the chance of winning more than one prize, but the volume of entries suggests this is unlikely,

Note: Multiple entries must be paid for individually and sent individually. We cannot accept two entries in one email. See the competition guidelines.

How is a competition judged?

We look for imagination over spelling and grammar. The best pieces to draw us in, pieces that make us relate in some way, pieces that show personality.

Each entry is awarded points on the uniqueness of the idea, the passion of the writer, how relatable it is, if it’s a page turner, fun or interesting to read. Of course points will be lost if it is dry, dull, or boring.

Spelling and Grammar are not taken into consideration.

Why don’t you judge Spelling and Grammar?

Because of dyslexia. More and more people are struggling with dyslexia and are ashamed of it. Dyslexia affects the way the brain processes language, it affects everyone differently. It can make spelling and grammar hard, finding the right word hard, even numbers…

We know many people who struggle with this, we also know these people have great imaginations, so we don’t judge spelling and grammar. We do, however, fix the spelling and grammar before a piece goes to publication if it’s a winner.

Do I have to live in the UK?

You can enter from anywhere in the world but all prizes are given in £. Please be aware that all Amazon vouchers are in pound sterling if you choose to enter and the £100 prize money for the six monthly competition will be £100 UK money. You or Paypal can convert it into your own currency if you desire.

Book Reviews

How long does a book review take?

Every book review is submitted within 30 days unless otherwise agreed.

What if the review is not positive?

How do I become a Book Reviewer?

On the rare occasion that a book review is not positive we would contact you first and see if you want the review publishing or not. We do not guarantee positive reviews, we guarantee honest reviews.

At the moment we are not hiring anymore book reveiwers.

You can apply to become a book reviewer through email. We would ask to see one of your book reviews and require that you follow our guidelines when reviewing a book.

Guest Blogging

Can I write a blog for your website with a link to mine?

Yes. You simply need to contact us on the contact us form with a few details on what you would like to blog about. It must be related to writing. Once we have agreed to the blog we will tell you how to post.

Will you blog on my website?

Ultimately, this depends on time available. Contact me with a request and what you would like the blog to be about.

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging helps to grow your network and traffic. People who come to this website may read your blog, may follow your log to your website and may become regular traffic / customer for you. I say may because how well people follow you depends totally on you and your post.

Having us guest blog on your website. We put in the work, we put the link on our page, people follow the link to your website.

The Anthology

Where can I buy the Anthology?

Amazon will be the first stop, although we are expecting to branch out in time.

Can I buy the old Anthologies?

We have two previous anthologies, one has gone out of print and the original data file was corrupted. This is from before The Lady in the Loft took years off to have a life away from her computer screen.

One of the anthologies can still be found on Amazon, however, it is best bought as a book – the kindle edition is a little all over the place. Bad formatting for the size of the book – lessons were learned.

When will the 2021 – 2022 edition be published?

January 2022.

Will it be illustrated?

Some of the stories within will be illustrated. If you are interested in becoming an illustrator use the contact form to send us a message, include some general prices.

Can I advertise my book in the anthology?

If you win a competition, buy a review, or do a book review exchange with The Lady in the Loft you will have a chance to advertise your book in the anthology.

If you do none of the above their will be a small charge to have your work advertised. (£2)

Any More Questions?

Ask in the comments below and we will be sure to add the answers to this list.

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