Win or lose I love writing competitions. Each competition is a creative exercise that allows one to think away from their normal creative writing, it creates boundaries and rules that we may not normally give ourselves. And, if you win, there’s a prize at the end. Everyone loves free enter writing competitions.

Lady In The Loft Competitions

Here at The Lady in the Loft, we have 3 different types of competitions for you to enter. One is completely free and comes with great prizes.

But, before I tell you about them let me tell you a little about Lady in the Loft entries.

Years ago I started an online writing competition. The unique aspect of this was spelling and grammar is not taken into account. Why? Simply because I know many, many brilliant writers who never try to publish their own work because of a form of dyslexia.

I also have a form of dyslexia that causes me to struggle with grammar. To combat this I use 3 separate programs to keep me accurate (ish). Then my mom reads my work and sends me a list of corrections needed by text.

My sister struggles with dyslexia to the point where I have to almost translate her work, yet she became a published author last year.

My point? Spelling and grammar issues or not, I bet you have a great story inside of you. This is the place to get you on the map.

Does that mean my work will be published with all its mistakes?

No. All work will be checked and edited (spelling and grammar only) before being published if it is a winning piece.

We look for imagination, not spelling.

The Free Competiton

Onto the competitions then.

First and foremost let me tell you about the Free competition. This competition is held on a Tri-monthly basis. The current competition can be found below:


The free competition will always have a theme and a quote. The theme is very loose, the quote is to work with. You can use it to start your piece, in the middle of your piece, or just use it as inspiration for your piece. How you interpret it is up to you!


The free competition comes with 3 prizes.

1st Prize: £10 Amazon Voucher and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

2nd Prize £5 Amazon Voucher and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

3rd Prize £5 Amazon Voucher and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

Amazon voucher: Everyone loves Amazon vouchers, they can be used for books, writing equipment, DVD’s, gadgets and the list goes on. You can get some awesome pens from Amazon.

Publication on Website. Everyone will know your name as a winning name. They will read and enjoy your work online! (Do not enter the competition if you do not want your work published.)

Publication in yearly Anthology: After the original Lady in the Loft site stopped so I can go away, live life, publish another book and get married, only one of the original anthologies stayed up for sale. You can find it here.

You will get to be published in the next one. It will have an awesome cover (already in the works) and, if you happen to have your own novel published, you can send me the details to have your novel advertised besides your winning entry! Free publicity!

The 50p Competition

This is to add a smaller competition for those who can’t wait 3 months. It is on a monthly basis.

Only 1 prize is awarded for this smaller 1000 word or less competition.

Prize: £5 Amazon Voucher for 1st place + publication on the website and in the Lady in the Loft Anthology.

50p for a chance to win £5 and publication on website and in the Anthology. With 12 chances a year this competition is a fun little one with 1 word themes.

Why 50p. The charge for the quick competition is mostly to discourage time wasters and to pay the people who spend days reading all the entries this one normally attracts.


The Six Month Competition

The big one. This one costs £2 to enter and happens only twice a year.

The prizes are big for this one. Would you like a chance to win £100?

1st Prize: £100 (PayPal or Amazon voucher) and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

2nd Prize £50 (Paypal or Amazon voucher) and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

3rd Prize £25 (Paypal or Amazon voucher) and publication on Website and in yearly Anthology.

Only with this competition do you get the choice between PayPal and Amazon vouchers because sometimes people just need the money.

Win this prize and you are sure to get bragging rights to your writing community.


A Note On The Anthologies

As I create the anthologies a lot of money and work goes into finding artists to compliment the written work. I make it my goal to commission artists who are not well known or are just starting out. Therefore the book will have varying styles of artwork throughout.

If you are a winner of this competition you will find that your piece may have a commissioned picture besides it. The copyright to these pictures depend on the commission contract. If you would like a copy of the picture for personal use you will need to contact me regarding it. A small fee may be included in purchasing the copyright.

The 2020 anthology will be available for purchase in January 2021. It will be 20% off for the first 60 days of sale for the purpose of enabling all who are published inside to receive a copy at a discounted price.

Any proceeds made from the anthology go back into prizes for the writing competitions.

Will The Prices Increase?

The prices will NOT increase in 2020. However, depending how many entries we get snowed under we may increase the entry prices next year to support those who read all day and night t make the deadlines.

The free competition will remain FREE.

Ideas For A Competition

If their is a type of competition missing that you would like me to host, story extracts, flash fiction, what’s happening in this picture, kids only, let me know and I will see what I can do.

If you desire a competition with bigger prizes (a book competition with publication contract for the winner, or £1000 prize money) let me know. These will take longer to set up but I can always look into it.

If you desire a poetry competition… No. Just no. Sorry but no. I don’t do poetry, can’t stand the stuff, so no. I will not be a good judge here, and I will not publish it.

If you desire random flash competitions (where you have a week to get your entry in and theirs a small prize for the winner) then let me know, those are easy, I used to hold them to great success.

Comment below for your ideas or send an email to (email to be added at the end of December ready for the competition year.)

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