As an author starting out it can be really hard to get free quality book reviews. I know this, that’s why I started this really free and easy Book review page.

The rules are simple.

Here’s my latest book (This will change depending what I’ve published recently.)

267 pages of action adventure.

All you need to do to get a free review is:

Step 1: Buy the book and leave a review on Amazon. (The book is at £2.99, or free if you are on amazons Kindle unlimited.)

Get it here.

Step 2: Leave a link to your review and a link to the book you want to be reviewed in the comments below.

Step 3: I will then purchase and review your book as an Amazon verified review. It will also be published on this website and in the Anthology set to be released in January 2021. How soon it is reviewed depends on how many jobs I have on my hands at the time.

A good deal, yes?

If you are not signed up to kindle unlimited why not sign up now. 3 months free by clicking on this banner!

Get your book reviewed without reviewing a book here.

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