Lockdown has been the perfect time to finish the book you have been determined to write for years. But now you find yourself faced with the problem of telling people about your great work. You find your work undiscoverable. It may be published but people are just not seeing it so they are not buying.


You’ve probably tried a few things now to get people to read that work, love it, and write a review about how great it was. You’ve advertised on Facebook, writers forums, Twitter, TikTok and every other platform you know about, nothing is working. So how, how do you get free book reviewers online?

The Truth

The truth of the world is, people don’t like doing things for free. People like doing stuff if they feel they are going to get something in return, think about it, would you review a book for free? Don’t you have better things to do?

To get a reviewer you need to be offering something in return to get more attention. There’s loads of people out there trying to get their own books noticed, how does your need for a review stand out from the crowd?

Books, Books, Books: You Can Never Have to Many of These
How do you make your book stand out from the crowd?

Your (Almost) Free Options

Once you have worn out asking your family and friends to help you out, there is still a way to get noticed.

Offer a review for a review. Yes, these too will have trouble being noticed in a crowd, take it from me. But if you start taking the first step… Find someone offering a review for a review and then act on it. Review that book and get yours done too.

This means so much more if you do it as a verified purchase review. (A verified purchase review is when the book is bought from amazon by the person reviewing it.) A verified purchase review will cost you and your reviewer the price of the book, however, you will both have a sale and a quality review by the end of it.

Or you could ask your neighbours, especially the older ones looking for a good book, just be prepared for brutal honesty if there was something they didn’t like in it.

Here is the latest Review for a Review to get you started.

Getting Reviews Can Be Expensive

If you have searched for free reviews on the internet you have probably come across a lot of people who sell book reviewing services with prices starting around £60 for guaranteed reviews.

Girl reading book

Why so much?

Think about what you are asking. You are asking someone to send 8 to 20 hours (average) to read, take notes and write a decent review. The minimum wage is £8.72. That times the hours that will be required to do this job is £69.76 to £174.40.

I know, you wrote that book in the hopes of making money. Sometimes it costs money to make money.

There is a cheaper alternative!

Lady In The Loft Reviews

If you had the money available, how much would you pay for a verified review, with website advertising, monthly newsletter advertising, an advertisement in a published anthology, and being featured in a Facebook group?

With our team at The Lady in the Loft we are only charging £25 for all of this. Why? Because we are authors out to help authors. We have been where you are, we know what it is like, and we love to read other peoples work.

Get a review with us today.

The Absolutely Free Option (With No Guarantees).

If you are really stuck and just need a good honest review you can leave a comment with a link to your book down below. People reading this post may read it, I myself may read it, other members of the team may read it.

There is no guarantee that you will get a review in this way as paid for or exchanged reviews will take priority but it is always worth a shot.

What Does A Good Review Look like?

Reading a Book

You have probably heard it said an honest review is the best review. This is true, but that does not mean a negative review is good. Truth be told, negative reviews are rare. Take for instance a book that the reviewer didn’t enjoy reading but it was well written. The review would start with an opinion. “Not for me but someone into cars would love this!” That’s a good and honest review.

How about a book well written with major formatting or spelling issues? “This is a really fun book to read, it does need a bit of concentration to get past the formatting flaws but the story is well worth the effort.” Of course if it is major formatting or spelling issue it is best for the reviewer to contact the author first, especially if it’s a paid for service.

If you are doing a review or getting a review look out for the following:

  • Opinion piece (enthusiasm is great)
  • Comment on something specific (a character, a setting, or a moment)
  • Comment on the pace (page-turner – slow starter)
  • Comment on the emotion (it clutched at my heart!)
  • Leave questions that will want others to read too. (“When they had her pinned- It was only the assurance of more chapters that told me the story wasn’t over.” The one reading the review will be like: “Why? What happened?!”
  • Don’t make the review too long. (Achieve all of the above in no more than a few paragraphs. People do not want to read a story about how good the story was.)

A Good Example

I have realised, when writing the above help, that it would help to have a post explaining how to in more detail. I have recently been given another book to review, I am in the process of reading it. Once it is completed I will leave a link here showing you how we write our reviews, and what a good review looks like.

Remember, if you want to be reviewed by us you can leave a link to your book below for a chance at a free review, sign up for our review swap here or look at our paid options here.


  1. Thanks for this great article Free Book Reviewers Online and all the insights in the field of a book review. I haven’t written a book yet, but I recently started building a website, and as part of this page, the idea for an e-book was born. I am glad to have found this article because I will definitely turn to your help when I need quality reviews for the book. I think you offer really great services because you offer them from your own experience, and I always trust that principle.
    I wish you much success!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. I wish you great success with both your website and ebook. ebook building is a lot of fun and very much worth the time and effort you put into it. Have fun with it.

  2. What an interesting source of marketing this is! I have never thought of doing something like this, but would not put it pass me either. I have been writing an autobiographical piece in a story-telling matter just to make it more appealing. I have been stuck in the editing process for some months now as well. Do you offer any proofreading or editing options for aspiring writers out there as well as reviews?

    1. Hi Stephanie

      It’s great to hear you are doing some writing! We will be offering proofreading services in the future, we have done this before. We are simply maxed out at the moment with the people we are proofreading / editing for. Once these pieces have been completed we shall open up such services once more. I wish you best of luck in your writing.

  3. Hello there! This has been an interesting read. I sometimes forget about how much time it takes for books to be reviewed, but it makes sense. Book reviews are highly necessary to get one’s work noticed and for it to sell. I noticed you included the costs to hire a book reviewer but it is displayed in…pounds? I am from the United States so I am not too familiar with the currency. It almost seems like 1:1.5 or something like that (based off the hourly pay). This seems like a difficult journey, but I still wish you success in your endeavors!

    1. This is a fair point. Most reviewers find on the internet are in $. I shall endeavour to include both in future although it is worthy of note that £ and $ differ often in exchange rates so the price will be approximate. Maybe I should include a widget on the page to see the currency exchange on the day? I shall think about this more to improve the site for our dear American brothers.

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