I have been reviewing books for years, since I was a child in fact. This was the first book that really made an impact. I reviewed this back in 2013 as fall, my kindle name at the time.

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Miss America has left her rich American Lifestyle, her normal career husband, the fancy dinner parties and her whole world of comfort to help out the unfortunate children of Bolivia. After delaying her return home to help vaccinate the children she finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into this unforgiving country. She just wants to help she tells herself as she joins the rebels that fight for a better future for the people, but an American girl in a rebel camp could be the ruin of all as the rebel leader is keen to remind her. El Jefe is a passionate man who’s love of his people is a strong as his love of poetry. He can be hard, cruel and merciless yet soft as butter at times. gentlemanly in his ways but not so in his speech. Together Annie and El Jefe fight to free the people from the tyranny of an often drunk and forever cruel military in a beautiful and emotional modern day Robin Hood story.

I Loved this book. The people inside it are as real as the people you see everyday and the story could have come out of a history book, such was it’s depth. Guido the sweet soldier who couldn’t read, Sonya the mother goose of the camp, Pedro the weapons trainer, Peter the volunteer who rallies supplies and funds to name a few of the characters that I ultimately fell in love with, these become firm friends throughout Annie’s journey in this cruel jungle and I couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to them.

The book pulled me in from the first page and I became Annie, her fears, her joys, her moments of panic and days of happiness became mine. Every emotion felt in this book was perfectly portrayed it was almost impossible to put this book down as you just have to know what happens next. How is she going to cope with this? What’s El Jefe going to do when he finds out about that? How are they going to get out of this? This book was nail-bitingly scary in some places and you found yourself holding your own breath as you read, and at other times it was so soft and musical that you could feel the gentle touch of love that the story was penned with.

A good book I would recommend to young adults and above. If you want a book that’s bound to get you emotionally involved this is for you, if you need a book that gives you a new perspective of life this is for you, after a book that is filled with wild gunfights, cute and not so cute soldiers, tactics and passionate love, read this. It really opens your eyes to what the world is really like away from the sheltered lifestyles that most of us enjoy.

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