I love story writing prompts. They encourage you to think outside of your normal realm. they use words like hero or whomper so you can place your own characters in these circumstances and write.

Because I love these so much I will, once a week, choose one of these many prompts and write. More often then not I will put Kaz and co into the situations. These I will share here, however, I will also provide a list of 10 more prompts of my own creation to share with you all.

So, first off, here is a story prompt I found on Pin-Interest (my favourite place to hunt them down).

A Writing Prompt

The hero shows up at the villians doorstop one night. They’re shivering, bleeding, scared. There’s also a slightly dazed look in their eyes – they were drugged. They look like they were assaulted. Looking up at the villain swaying slightly as they’re close to passing out, they mumble “…didn’t know where else to go…” then collapse into the villain’s arms.


My Response

Kaz placed one hand in the mud as she tried to push herself up. Her body groaned in pain and her breathing became painfully sharp.

I can’t… her little voice said.

The rain was beating down around her as she lay, slowly considering her options through the waves of pain.

It’s too far to the town. I’ll never make it… I can’t.

His hideout isn’t too far from here.

“No!” She choked the word out as she attempted once more to push herself up, once more to get herself moving. She could do it with enough effort, she knew she could.

As she made it to her feet a wave of nausea washed over her and she fell forward once more vomiting on the ground. Her ribs burned with the effort and her head started to swim.

She pushed herself to a tree, from there to a pile of rubble, then to another dying tree where she stayed, gasping through the pain.

William. She considered again dropping in on her worst enemy. On the plus side, he’s only ever tried to kill you the once. But then… the last time I hurt this bad it was his doing.

Looking in the direction of the abandoned factory she felt the first tears begin to fall but she was powerless to stop them.

The going was slow, each push from rubble to tree to rock getting harder, the final push to the reinforced door hurt and as her hand it the door it slid leaving a trail of blood. She fell against the doorframe and listened to her own sickly heartbeat. It was working hard, too hard, thumping in her head and making her feel worse.

The door moved and Kaz, who had all her weight on that side fell with it, cursing her own weakness as he caught her. She didn’t want to look at his face, couldn’t look at his face.

“…didn’t know where else to go…” She mumbled.

A hand took hold of her face and turned it gently, but firmly up. William was looking at her with an almost amused look. But, as he stared her down that amusement vanished, concern took over, concern and anger.

He didn’t speak. Letting go of her face he lifted her off the floor and into his arms, taking her deeper into the hole she’ been avoiding for so long.

“Someone has made you cry,” he finally said as he lay her on a table. “When I have patched you up you are going to tell me who and why.”

“You gonna shake their hand?” She asked, trying not to think of the last time he stood over her like this.

“I’m going to kill them.” He replied.

Now It’s Your Turn.

That was fun. Kaz would never willingly have gone to William for aid in my own stories, this was an interesting concept. How would he react? what would drive her? Now I really want to write more on the situation. What happened? Why is she alone in the first place? Who did succeed in giving her a beating?

I’m sure you all are having wondrous thoughts in placing your own characters in this situation. Let me know what happens in the comments below!

Here are 10 finish story writing prompts. In the spirit of winter, they are 10 cold writing prompts. Give them a go. Leave comments for your favourites. Write your story in the comments or leave links to your story.

The villain had my hand in his as he backed me against the wall. He was way stronger then I thought. Behind him, the hero was already out cold.

“Beg me to kill you instead of the hero. Beg, and I may only break his/her legs after I take your life.”

Prompt 001

“I can’t do this!” The hero realised in horror. The hero’s weapon was pointed at the one person they had always loved.

But, to let them live would destroy the world.

Prompt 002

The Hero looked from the gun to their sidekick to the villain’s face.

The villain was serious.

“Hand me the disks or the sidekick dies. You know my aim is true.”

Assessing the situation the Hero knew he was right. If the Hero had the disks they would certainly have no choice but to hand them over. They didn’t have the disks.

Prompt 003

The explosion of light had taken the Hero down, in fact, as the hero, came to their senses they realised the light had taken the whole team down.

Firm hands grabbed them and pulled them up. The villain stood in front of them and the hero sighed as they waited for the obligatory ‘join me’ speech.

“Kill them.” The villain said and walked away.

Prompt 004

The Hero slowly placed their weapons on the floor. “Don’t kill sidekick. It’s me you want.”

The villains grin grew broader as they slit sidekicks throat.

Prompt 005

The Hero could hear the kids screaming in the other room. They could also see their Sidekick lying in the distance.

Moving the bomb would almost certainly cause it to blow.

The Hero had 3 minutes to decide who to save.

Prompt 006

“You’re crazy!” The villain snarled as The Hero pulled themselves up once more. “Stay down.” The villain snapped, landing a heavy blow into the hero’s chest.

The Hero looked to the sidekick bleeding out meters away and tried to get up once more.

Prompt 007

“Why do you keep fighting?” The villain asked The Hero. “Nobody will ever thank you for it? You’ll be dead and they’ll simply carry on.”

“I know,” The Hero answered.

Prompt 008

The Hero strained against their bonds as the knife came closer.

“Where do I find the rest of your team?” The Villain asks as he used his free hand to hold The Hero’s head still.

As the blade came closer to The Hero’s eye, two of The Villains slender fingers forced it open.

“If you tell me now,” The villain said. “I will only take 1 of your eyes.”

Prompt 009

The Hero curled up in a corner of the room. Outside the world had gone mad, outside people were screaming in fear.

Inside, The Hero didn’t know how to fix it. The world was ending and they couldn’t fix it.

Prompt 010


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    1. Books have always been a big part of my life, they take you to a whole new world and teach morals from a completely different point of view. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your visit.

  2. Well, this is good. Never used a prompt before and I think they are writers way of testing how innovative or creative they are with using words. I’m sure that I’d be happy to use what I have learnt from the way you have written your own prompt to learn to write mine too. I will surely try my writing skills with this prompts you have shared.

    1. I’ve never thought of it like that before, but now I see it down in black and white you are absolutely right, we do like to test our own creativity.

  3. Wow, as a lover of poetry, I really found this very very interesting and it made me love poetry even more, I just shared this with my sister because she also loves poetry a lot too and she loved it so much as well. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Is there anyway I can subscribe to get your articles when you drop them?

    1. Hello Collinsss. I’m really glad you enjoyed this article. We are in the process of creating service for people t subscribe too. This should be live by January the 1st. Stay tuned.

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