Do you ever try to write your own prompts and find yourself at a loss? It is easy to read writing prompts, it can be easy to finish writing prompts, but making your own.

Let me share with you a nifty little trick called What if?.

Now, I had this amazing English teacher called Mr Cornelius, unlike my previous teachers he took me as I was and inspired my dyslexic ass to write. He helped me to understand one did not need to have the best spelling or grammar to make a great work of art on paper, he set me homework no one else in my class got. Go home, read your favourite books and ask yourself ‘What if?’

At this time I was reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. My first What if?

What if Cedric Diggory hadn’t died? What if Cedric was also bound to the tombstone? What if he, like Harry, was shunned for saying Voldemort had come back?

You know what that is?

A writing prompt.

This is the easiest and quickest way to make writing prompts, create prompts that can turn into fan fiction.

Today’s Writing Prompt

Because I used a Harry Potter one as an example, I went hunting on Pin It for Harry Potter Writing Prompts. I was not disappointed.

While I am not sure who created this one (as it has been re-pinned to many times from places like we heart it and ifunny) I couldn’t resist it.

Harry: Who’s turn is it to give the pep talk?

Oliver: Sighing… It’s Fred’s turn.

Fred: Fuck Shit up out there but don’t die.

George: Wiping away a tear,

If the Quidditch teams had t take turns giving pep talks.

Just imagine this! The whole quidditch team taking it in turns to give a pep talk before a match. They must have a lot more matches then the three in a year for everybody to get a shot at giving a pep talk.

It does make sense because Oliver Wood reportedly gives the same speech before every match. Here is an opportunity to write what the others would say.

We’ve had Fred’s, I imagine Angelina’s would be much like Oliver’s and George’s either really long winded or more like Fre’s depending on the given mood at the time.

What would Harry’s be like?

That’s what I’m goig to write.

My Answer To The Prompt

Harry Potter Quidditch

Harry: Okay team, listen up. Out there we do not only hvae to contend with looking at the SLytherin team, we have to fight the,. And you know they will not play fair.

That team holds Draco Malfoy. I refuse to be beaten by that …

Fred: Slimeball?

George: Bat bogey covered skrewt?

Harry: You’re both being way to nice. Point is, if we don’t take done the Slytherins we will all have to deal with their jeers for months, none of us want that.

Oliver: No pressure then.

Harry: We’ve beaten them before, we can do certainly do it again. Let’s blow the out of the water.

Okay, okay. I know this one isn’t winning any awards anytime soon. I started writing and decided I’d bitten off more then I can chew. But that’s okay.

The purpose of writing prompts is to get the imagination flowing, to do some writing. Even if you only answer a prompt with a line. Never forget the woman who got an A* on her English essay after only writing one sentence. The job was to write a story that included religion, family, and emotional upheaval. What she wrote. “My God. I’m pregnant.” Instant A*. It’s not how much you write it’s what you write.

My above reply to the prompt is only a few lines but it made me think. It made me want to write. That means the prompt worked.

More Writing Prompts

My last selection looked at a world of Fantasy. In the spirit of what we are talking about today, this collection will be a What If collection. Of course, this mostly works if you have read the books or movies they are related to.

What If: The Hobbit

What if Bilbo went along with the dwarves only as a cook. How would this have changed the relationships?

Writing Prompt 070

What If: Spiderman

What if Aunt May knew Peter was Spiderman. What if she made his suit?

Writing Prompt 071

What If: Redwall

What if Methuselah was not an old mouse. What if he could hold his own in his fight.

Writing prompt 072

What If: Harry Potter

What if Umbridge was a member of the Order of the Phoenix?

Writing Prompt 073

What If: Cinderella

What if Cinderella’s sisters both loved Cinderella and tried to shield her from the step moms constant wrath?

Writing Prompt 074

What If: Twilight

What if her own dad was a vampire lord all along and that was why he refused to leave town?

Writing Prompt 075

What If: Explosive Dreams

What if Aislinn got to the Bomber first?

Writing Prompt 076

What If: Prince of Hazel and Oak

What if that vial really was the only chance he had of saving his father?

Writing Prompt 077

What If: Nightlord

What if his friend went with him through the portal?

Writing Prompt 078

What If: Outlaws The Eagles

What if Kaz got kidnapped from the school and the school reported a student being kidnapped to the police and it making the news?

Writing Prompt 079

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