How many hours do you waste reading amazing collections of writing prompts without actually writing anything? You are not alone, most writers have been guilty of this at some point. However, when we do sit and finish the story to a writing prompt it feels good.

I once heard it said, ” No writer loves writing, they love having written.” I both agree and disagree with that statement. As a writer I do enjoy writing, but I love reading what I have done. The knowledge that I have accomplished something feels exceptionally good. So, I know, if you stop reading the writing prompts, choose one, and start writing, you too will feel good. Try it.

With these thoughts in mind here is part 3 of Finish Story Writing Prompts.

Today’s Writing Prompt

Back on to Pin it. Onto my saved collections of amazingness from the writing community. What do I want to write about?

This writing prompt came from… you know, I’m not sure. I find these all over the place. Instagram, iFunny, imgur, zara, ift – oh wait! This one looks promising. The Writers Store Room. I found the owner of amazing, you should defo check them out.

This one is very open, you have no idea about the amount of characters, no clue to the type of world, not much information at all. this is not a bad thing. Let your creative juices flow.

My plan for this one. I’m just going to write. I’m not going to think much. Just write. Let me know what you think of the results.

My Answer To The Prompt

A shimmering mist stood in the path. There was no way around it, to get to the street beyond one must walk through it. The trio knew as they watched it that this was a bad idea, not one of them could say why, but they felt in their hearts, coursing through their veins. This mist was dangerous, more dangerous than anything they had come across before.

As one, they decided it was not worth it and turned their backs on the mist, as one they realised this was a mistake, as one they ducked and screamed in horror as the mist stormed at them, the screams of a thousand tortured souls ringing in their ears.

It stopped. They got shakily back to their feet and looked at each other, then they looked around. “Well, this is new,” James commented looking at the new world before them.

After Writing Thoughts

Ooooh, this is the start of a good book I wish I had time to write. I could so use this. Where have they ended up? Another time? Another planet? Another place? A parallel world?

Why did they all have the same feeling of ‘nope’ when they saw the mist? Why did they take the shortcut in the first place? how old are they? whi are they? What’s going on? Even I don’t know the answers yet but I’d love to sit and write them.

This is one of the things that make writing prompts so good. I never would have thought of these on my own.

More Writing Prompts

My last collection took in the spirit of the season. This collection of writing prompts will look at a world of fantasy. Yes, inspired by the prompt above my head is now filled with all things fluffy and magical.

A planet exist where Dogs talk. You know, because your dog just told you.

Writing Prompt 061

Sitting on a mushroom you fold your arms and wings.

“No. You tell The Lord that the ladybirds refuse to dance, I ain’t doing it.”

Writing Prompt 062

The mirror in your room sometimes shows things that are not there. Today it is showing something impossible.

Writing Prompt 063


All heads turn to you and you slowly, ever so slowly, lay the wand back on it’s stand. Your best friend has buried their head in their hands, you can’t tell if they are laughing or crying.

Writing Prompt 064

Unicorns are said to be beautiful, gentle, amazing creatures. But this one sounds like it’s been raised by a drunken Drwaf who moonlights as a sailor.

Writing Prompt 065

You work in a library full of forbidden books. Today, you opened one on witchcraft and it began to speak.

Writing Prompt 066

The cat is always getting in the way when you go to the fridge. Today it positively screamed at you:

“For gods-sake human, you’re not hungry you’re bored! Go play with a ball of string!”

Writing Prompt 067

You work so much at the aviary your practically live there. Unbeknownst to you the birds have adopted you as one of there own and they sense a danger coming.

Writing Prompt 068

Finding a cocoon in your garden you bring it inside to save it from the cat while it matures.

It becomes your pet project and you are excited to see the butterfly that you know will emerge.

The day finally comes and a fairy climbs out.

Writing Prompt 069

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