Finish story writing prompts hold a special place in my heart. even if I don’t sit down and write a piece related to one of these prompts I can spend a morning (or a day) just reading them and letting my mind go there. How would my characters react? What would the situation be? This is why I decided to make my own collection of writing prompts on this website, I found one can never have enough. 

Of course I don’t just want to provide endless lists of writing prompts for you people, that would be too easy. I want to give ideas on how you can write your own. I want to draw attention to the works of others who have made writing prompts. If I can find the website relating to the found prompts I will provide links so you can head over there and give them some love.

Todays Writing Prompt

This week I have taken a writing Prompt from ‘The fake red heads writing prompts’. I found her on Pin It and love what she does. Some of these writing prompts are deliciously cruel, others are through the roof funny. ..In the scenarios I throw them in any way, I do understand that two people can read the same sentence with one laughing and the other crying. This is another reason why I love writing prompts so much, they mean different things to the people who read them depending on their own life experiences.

But, if I start talking about that I would never get on to the prompts themselves, I will have to discuss the thought processes behind writing prompts personalities and people in another post, look out for it. Here is the pieces you came here for.

This is a simple conversation. We have no idea who is talking, what situation they are in, why fire is a bad idea, why the other person in this scenario would even suggest fire or why a solution is needed in the first place. So many things to wonder about. I will stick true to form and write a piece that relates to Kaz and Priestley. Why them two? They are the two characters I know best. Will I ever use this piece in my writing? Unlikely.

So, my plan in tackling this prompt. First, I want to set the scene. Then I want to decide how this story will work (conversation based, description based or looking back on an event). Then I want to figure out how I will wrap up the scene. with these basic ideas in my head I can visualise the event, this will enable me to write it out quickly without much trouble.

My Answer To The Prompt

Kaz and Priestley stood leaning against opposite walls, both in their own deep thoughts. The door was mechanically locked, the alarms were going off in the distance, the guns were empty. The sound of the hunt was getting nearer. All in all, not the smoothest of jobs. 

It could have gone better, truth be told, If Kaz wasn’t such a hot head when she gets pissed off. Priestley wasn’t in the greatest of moods either with the flight being delayed, then the back up not arriving, and his favourite gun malfunctioning after years of use. Something was bound to go wrong, they fed off each other wildness as they stormed deeper and deeper into the encampment. Then Priestley had yelled to Kaz to toss him more ammo. That was it, that was when the problems started. 

The ammo bag was in the truck. 

They had to jump over the stolen explosives that they had been sent to retrieve. They closed the door behind them with a bang expecting to run through to the command centre. That was when they realised the intel was wrong, the map was different. This was a storage unit for more explosives, and the door automatically locked with some mechanical, computer controlled, nuisance, locking system.

Kaz knew a way to open the door. She glanced furtively at the explosives once more as she weighed it up.

“I have a plan.” She finally said.

“Thank goodness,” Priestley said pushing himself off the wall and cracking his knuckles.

“It involves fire.”

“Absolutely not.” 

“There is a smoke detector in the ceiling, it will probably release the door and let us out.” Kaz argued.

“We are not starting a fire in a room full of explosives next to a room full of explosives.” Priestley shook his head. 

“We don’t need a big fire-“

“Did I mention the explosives?” Priestley ran his hand through his hair and scratched at the back of his head once more. “How would you start the fire?” His voice was not resigned, it was calculating. “And can you make it smoke more and flames less?”

“I would use some wood from the crates, intertwined with the paper like packaging in that crate and a match. If I use part of my shirt to tie it onto the end I can make it more like a torch instead of a fire.” Kaz offered. Priestley looked thoughtful.

“The fire alarm will release the door.” 

“Then we just have to worry about not having ammo.” Kaz frowned once more.

“Kaz,” Priestley smiled, “We have explosives.” 

Kaz grinned back.

After Writing Thoughts

Whoa, that was fast and fun. Normally those two are way more organised than that, bad days work for them. I may never include that in one of the books but now I have written it, one of them may mention it at some point as a fun little memory. I know I have a fun memory of writing this now. 

Your turn. What scenario did you come up with after reading that writing prompt. Let me know in the comments below.

More Writing Prompts

My last collection was dark and cold in the spirit of winter. This collection will be more magical in the spirit of the season. What I mean by that is the spirit of a season that people associate with magic, happiness, new beginnings, good things happening. That isn’t to say all the prompts coming will be fluffy and warm, they could be, it depends how you see them…

“Send me help, or I will end it now!” You yell to God in desperation as you stand at the edge of the roof. An angel appeared in front of you with a disapproving look. “Look, mate, if you want to kill yourself you’re going to have to be higher then a single story.”

Writing Prompt 051

The sheets were soft and the blanket oh so warm. But it wasn’t your house. It wasn’t even the house of anyone you knew. 

Writing Prompt 052

All you wanted was a dog as a friend, not twenty. You thought as you watched the puppies wreck your house.

Writing Prompt 053

“If we build a snowman-”


“If we build it good -“

“I said no.”

“You might find your sense of fun buried in the snow somewhere.”

Writing Prompt 054

The story behind snow angels is both sad and beautiful. That angel gave its life to save another on a cold winters day.

Writing Prompt 055

 I told my love I would be with them this year. I ain’t going to let this stop me.

Writing Prompt 056

Even though life is hard it is worth living. I inscribe the words into the stone and stand it on my mantel. Nothing is written in stone. I carve into the next one.

Writing Prompt 057

Even the smallest chance of survival is chance enough. This argument was wearing me out, we’ve had it many times in the past few weeks. Sometimes you just have to let go, other times a miracle happens.

Writing Prompt 058

“For every wish that I fulfil,” the angel started. “I lose a feather. For every time I fulfil a wish I give of myself.” The angel held out his last feather to me. “Make that wish.”

Writing Prompt 059

I asked God to let me see my family this season, even though they were dead.

I never expected an answer.

Writing Prompt 060


  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is intenede to have a good writing skill. I started my online business for a while now and my focus is on my blogging. I often feel that my thought is dry. I think it is good idea to have an habit of writing prompts all the time. Practice makes perfect.

    I like your Writing Prompt 058 best and agree with you that Sometimes you just have to let go, other times a miracle happens.

    1. very true, writing prompts come in handy for all sorts of situations.I too have a blog and a notepad I keep near my desk, this notepad holds writing prompts related to my blogging niche, they have a way of keeping one motivated.

  2. You know,as an amateur writer, I have never really thought of using a prompt and how it can help me build my writing skills. It’s really wonderful how I’m able to learn how to use them from the one you have written here. I’d like to ask though, do I have to follow it up the way you write, can the actual prompts come at the end of my story or at the beginning?

    1. Story prompts can be used anywhere in the story. The idea of a prompt is to give you the momentum to write the story. “Here is the prompt, finish it” does not necessarily mean you start or end with it. It’s like someone handing you some cross stitch and asking you to finish sewing, cross-stitch always starts in the middle and it’s up to you how you flesh the image out.

  3. The lack of creativity in my head can’t come up with something clever to add to this story but regardless of that, this was such a fun idea that you came up with to share with us in your website. Often times we’re too into our struggles that we forget to give our minds some space to unwind and I think this is a perfect idea for that; especially in times like this. 

    1. True, especially in times like this we need another world to escape too. One that isn’t so complicated. Good Guy, Bad Guy, good guy defeats bad guy ut takes us on a rollercoaster journey of enjoyment first. These are the best stories for escapism I find.

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