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The only thing I love more then a good writing prompt is a dark writing prompt. There’s something specially horrifying about a writing prompt that is so dark it sends shivers down your spine and puts a lump in your throat. A great dark writing prompt can fill you with terror as you imagine what would happen to your own characters in these situations.

I do not have many Dark Writing Prompts in my collection yet but that doesn’t mean I can’t share any here. You see, I have found so many of the that I have fallen in love with I decided it was time I collected them all in one place for you all to read and enjoy.

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If you want to visit the author of the prompt… I shall add names of the publisher of the original prompt where I have one. I don’t have names for all of them because the internet has re-blogged them so many times. If I find a website I shall link it the first time I come across it.

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Without Further Ado

1 –

The Villain tightened the hero’s bindings as the hero struggled and squirmed.

“Oh no, trust me sweetheart, you’re going to want to stay strapped in for this. We’re about to find out just how many times a person can break.”

Avid Writers Scratchpad

2 –

The rain bit into her skin like needles and she screamed and cried until the taste of blood was all that she knew. But still, she clawed at the dirt with her bare fingernails like that which was buried underneath was all she had left- because it was.

Avid Writers Scratchpad

3 –

Even the most beautiful places turn dark during the night.

Annie Fox

The Light Shines in the Darkness

4 –

“The stars look so cool!” He yelled as he excitedly pulled her to the back porch, surprisingly strong for someone so small. She gasped when she saw the sky, fear taking hold. “Those aren’t stars, Sam.”

JC Tarp

5 –

“You think you know fear? Trust me, you haven’t known fear until you’ve had to paint your name on a filthy cinderblock wall in your own blood because it was the only way your best friend would know what happened to you.”

Avid Writers Scratchpad

6 –

“I’m not that little girl you left there to die anymore.”

Mia (No Known Website)

7 –

“Choose your last words wisely,” sneered the Villain.

The Hero shakily lifted their head, “I love you.”


8 –

“If you want me,” the hero panted, “come ad get me.”

The villain paused, languidly sweeping a hand up and under their chin. “Want you in which way, darling? Don’t get me wrong, both involve ropes, but it’s an important distinction to make before we proceed.”

Gingerly Writing

9 –

She gripped the rim of the porcelain sink and tried to steady her hands.

“One last time,” she whispered to herself.

One. Last. Time.


Stairs in Dark Silhouette

10 –

I knew it was going to happen. I shut down so I wouldn’t experience to full horror of it.

Hybrid Heroes

Let’s Take A Moment

Winter Will Never Die Haha!

Yeah, I know, these weren’t so bad (Apart from avid Writers – someone needs to check on this guy and make sure he/she is okay!) I started off a bit light hearted.

But now, I’m going to go even darker.

How dark can the writers world get? From here on in I am only including the ones that give me palpitations, make me clutch my throat and heart, send me shivers of horror.

Some of them are long, but I assure you, worth the read.

More Intense Dark Writing Prompts

Avid Horror

The first one I found was from the Avid Writers Scratchpad (what a surprise!) imagine yourself in the hero’s position.

1 – The Hero squirmed, letting out an alarmed cry through the thick fabric of the gag as the villain inserted a needle into their neck. The villain withdrew it just as quickly and moved to tighten the leather cuffs binding the hero to the chair they were trapped in.

“Don’t worry,” the villain said, “it won’t hurt for long. You can feel it right? Breaking down all your defenses?” The villain simpered, watching as the hero’s eyes widened and they tensed– then within seconds relaxed back into the chair.

The villain snapped in front of the hero’s face, and upon eliciting no reaction from the glazed gaze, smiled.

“There you go,” the villain purred. “Atta (buy/girl).”

Avid Terror

Resist! Resist. I must resist…. I can’t resist, it’s too good, I have to put it in. The next one, therefore, also comes from An Avid Writers. I am totally subscribed to this guy now (or I would be if I could find a subscribe button), I’ll defo keep checking in.

2 – The hero pulled against their bonds, panic racing through their veins like white, hot fire.

“Please,” they begged, voice nearly failing them under the weight of a cracking psyche as their eyes darted to their best friend slumped unconscious in a chair. “Pease. Don’t hurt them, hurt me instead.”

The villain cocked an eyebrow, twirling a knife through their fingers. They chuckled. “Is that what you think?” They said. They moved to stick the blade under the hero’s chin, forcing the hero to look them in the eyes. “Oh, you poor naïve thing. I was always going to hurt both of you.

“I just planned to hurt you worse.”

okay, I shall try to find other cool dark writing prompts that are not avid writers. No promises though. XD

Cold, Dark Cell

3 – “How long,” The Villain stared out of the window. “Do you think it would take you to break if I simply left you in a cold, dark cell to rot?”

The Hero’s chest tightened.

Bondage Breaker. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. — Helen Keller

“Human’s need company,” the Villain murmured. “They go a little crazy without it. You hate me so much, perhaps you’d prefer to be on your own, hm?” The Villain turned to face them, head tilted. “I always imagined that’s what death would be like. A cold, dark cell, unable to move or do anything. Trapped in your own head with no one else to guide you out of the dark places you end up in. An eternity of conscious nothingness.” They smiled.

“You wouldn’t do that,” the Hero said. “There’s no point in keeping a trophy that no one can see.”

“Let’s make a bet on that, shall we?”

Don’t know who this is, I found on pin it with links to people who had shared it. If you do know where to find the original author, let me know in the comments below.

The Scream

Next a short one, that has so many scary thoughts attached to it despite how simple it is it caught my breath. Get in the moment. Imagine the scenario. Write what is happening.

4 – A Scream echoes outside. One by one, the houses on my street go dark. My house is next.”

Holloways Hideaway


Do you ever just read something and think “Oh my God! That was cold. That ***”? Except I’m not going to finish that sentence because I try not to swear. Well here’s one I read from a place called Big Bang Whump. Let me know what you think.

5 – The Whumpee is curled up in a cell after a torture session, knees and forehead touching the wall, naked or in flimsy clothing.

Unhurried footsteps echo in the corridor.

Ye County Yamen: Prison Cell

The Whumpee tenses, pressing against the stone, as if trying to pass through it, fingers digging into the wall, breath hitching.

Just walk by, please, please, walk by, they think desperately.

The footsteps recede, and the whumpee lets out a shuddering breath, cradles their hand with bloodied finger tips with their other hand. Suddenly, the door opens and the whumper enters.

The whumpee starts trembling immediately, shutting his eyes, curling up on himself, pressing against the wall again. A rustle of clothes and the whumper kneels next to the whumpee.

Gently they tuck the whumpee’s hair behind their ear. A tear escapes the whumpee’s tightly closed eyes. The whumper wipes it away with mock tenderness.

Wrapping Things Up

You know what? I could keep doing this all day.

I am going to make a page full of links so you can check these people out. (Find it here once it’s done)

I do recommend you give Avid a visit and leave them some comments. The work there is amazing.

If you are after some quick, easy, light-hearted writing prompts after al that tenseness, then check this list out.

Keep writing out there, and don’t forget to join a competition or two.


  1. I have never done a writing prompt before let alone dark writing prompt! That takes skills and I have to say I am not that great with that yet but I do appreciate a good read. I have to say the second one made me think of going through my own pain and that is horrifying. The 5th one is so dark… your name on the cinderclock…. Anyways thanks for sharing these! 

    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed them. Dark Writing prompts always give me the chills, (I guess we don’t need that in the winter) but at least that cloak of dread is warm.

  2. Thank you so much for all these here. I value the information shared and for real, I could resonate well with this. I believe that the kind of offers made here is only worthwhile for anyone out there searching for this. Thanks

    I like the way what you have shared all these here and the way you have presented it too. I like all these that has been shared too. I like this and I value this too

    1. I’m glad you have found this information of some use. Don’t forget to check back for more cool writing prompts!

  3. It’s wonderful content her won your site alone has given me so much to thankful for and I am really happy to be here seeing some really nice information. However, this really show how much you are willing to help us all. I know very little about this writing and so far it’s been a very gold idea that you ha given is some insight about it to make us happy 

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