You want a gift for someone special, or yourself. Something personal, something functional, something they would appreciate. Making it a gift set takes the lovability of the gift up a notch, especially if it’s for yourself. A fountain pen gift set is sure to have the wow factor you are looking for.

But where would you find such a set? What should be in the set? Ink, ballpoint, letter stamp, quill, instructions.

What should one consider when buying a fountain pen set? Ink refill type? left or right-handed? The design itself? Why should you pay more for your pen? (read about that here).

When it comes down to it you find there are so many different types, leading to so many options, making the decision so much harder. Let me help you make a more educated decision with the best Amazon fountain pens that I can find.

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What You Need To Know About Fountain Pens.

Feminine scene: pink dry flowers, wooden pink hearts, fountain pen, lined paper on sackcloth textured rustic background.

They come in many sizes. You want a pen that fits comfortably in the hand of the user. Large hands will struggle with small/thin pens while a smaller hand will find a larger pen uncomfortable to write with.

They have different types of ink systems.

Cartridge: Buy a new one and get rid of the old one every time. Convenient, easy to use, however you have to keep buying replacements (expensive in the long run), and you don’t get the wide variety of quality inks you can get with the converter or piston.

Converter: Looks like a cartridge and fits in most pens. Refill the cartridges with ink, this means you have opened up a wide variety of inks to use. While this isn’t as convenient as a regular cartridge there is something to be said for only buying ink and not the plastic that goes with it.

Piston: A screw mechanism that screws ink into the pen through the nib. Basically, this is a pen with a built-in converter, downside? You’ll never use a cartridge. This is a simple method when you know how and you can use a variety of quality inks with it.

My Favourite Choice.

Come on, we’re talking pens, and not just pens, Fountain pens. I am the type of gal to buy myself a fountain pen even when I don’t need one because they are soooo cooool. I have so many ideas!

If I was to narrow it down to one fountain pen gift set, it would be this one from Amazon.

  • That brushed black look is simply gorgeous.
  • The brand is high end and trustworthy.
  • The fountain pen can be used with all manner of bottles inks, meaning this is a pen that you can have in ANY colour.
  • It comes in a set, there’s a ballpoint pen for the days you don’t want to use a fountain.
  • The pen is thicker making it perfect for my medium preference.
  • The price is right. I mean, I would love a limited edition Montblan but £3000+ is a little bit out of my budget.

Make Your Own Gift Set With Jinhao.

So the one I picked out is nice and all but, what if the person you want this set for is a pen collector? What if you want the best pen for them?

I suggest you make your own gift set with Jinhao. these are not so expensive but they are unmatched in style. One on its own is nice but to get a set together as a gift would be simply awesome. Take a look at the three pens above. Each is a jnhao fountain pen, strongly emulating a sense of style while showcasing dragons.

This would be great for pen collectors, dragon fans, fantasy writers and more.

Plus they are great pens, if you use them regularly, however, you must remember to clean them regularly or they dry out. Parkers and Montblanc are expensive for a reason. You will lose some amazing qualities with the prices of these pens.

Personalised Option.

Finding personalized fountain pens in gift sets is not so easy. Finding fountain pens to engrave on their own is much easier. Many sites allow you to engrave the pens to make them personal, do that and buy a gift set of ink. Send them both together, this opens up so many more options.

However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to find a personalised fountain pen on Amazon. Here’s one I highly recommend.

The Parker Personalized Vector Pen. Parker is the brand the Queen herself uses, so you know it is quality. The vector brand is part of the budget range but it is of fine quality nether-the-less. Parker Vector pens have been created with function and durability in mind, perfect for getting through a college course or keeping on your office desk.

A Montblanc

I cannot complete this list without sharing with you at least 1 Montblanc limited edition.

From the look of this pen and all that it offers you can see how great a pen can be and why the choices above are great for any budget.

Montblanc has a track record of releasing limited editions based on notable figures. This pen was based on a writer; Rudyard Kipling.


  • Hand-crafted 18ct gold nib with special engraving
  • Takes inspiration from his work, The Jungle Book.
  • Champagne-coloured, gold-coated clip with embossed wolf’s head
  • Barrel and cap with champagne-coloured, gold-coated overlay on ‘Jungle Green’ precious lacquer
  • Luxury pen, respected brand.
  • Higest quality materials.
  • Don’t blot.
  • 100 years making pens, they know what they are doing.

Don’t Get Buried In The Details.

If you go out there looking for a pen made of wood, engraved only in matura font, with refill ink and a medium-sized nib that’s gold plated you’re going to have a hard time finding what you’re looking for.

Keep an open mind, and only think of the essential details. Size of the pen, type of ink, how much you want to spend. You will find some amazing pens out there, your perfect fountain pen is waiting!

Ten Reasons To Pay More For Your Pen

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