So, I have been too busy to look at writing prompts for a while and missed it. I could have thought up some of my own and stuck them on here but there is nothing I like more the to read other peoples work and ideas.

I’m sure you like reading writing prompts just as much as me, if not, what are you doing here?

I am aiming for 25 cool prompts from around the net. I am not aiming for different writers of the prompts. If I find a prompt I like it will be included. This does not mean that they are all supposed to be writing prompts, I like inspiration from everyday life too. So, in groups of five then:

Group 1

Me: I’m not very hungry, I just want something easy.

Server: … Maybe the chicken strips for $6?

Me: Maybe it does, but that doesn’t help with my hunger.


Just imagine your OC in this situation. Who else is at the table with them? How do they react? Was your OC being sarcastic or dumb?

This guy would make an awesome side kick in any novel.
It’s always worth it.
The epicness of this one moment could be the prologue to an entire series!
Okay, I need to know what’s going on with this one. Someone get writing!

Group 2

That took an unexpected turn. What happens next?
OOOh this guy must be scary… wait, is it even a guy?
I’m no expert, but I’m not sure that is the way to do it.
This conversation has some great pints for your ocs to argue over.
Would you use ‘nah’ to answer that question? Would your OC?

Group 3

Is your hero really the hero?
Make this happen for real, fill that corn maze with riddles and traps, have him/her get offered a job at the end, have the job something weird like harvesting corn.
Write the story of this man being found having really tried hard to get the identity right.
This could go all manner of ways.
Dude should proabably run… but what does he do?

Group 4

Didn’t see that one coming. Did they mean it? What happens next?
This one sounds fun. Anyone here play Dreamfall?
What happened at the bar? Why they got a gun? what’s going on? My mind is reeling with ideas!
sounds like something my OC would say XD
well, duh. Oh dear, what kind of OC is this? That’s not a small mistake

Group 5

How would the immortal big head respond to that. Anger? Amusement? bemusement?
Aw, this sounds so innocent despite it being a crime. I love the idea of this OC.
What are we dealing with here? Aliens? Ancient Ghosts? Someone from a parallel world? A demon who’s been kicked to the live as a mortal for a few decades because he’s out of touch with things?
What kind of life must you be in that you need a ‘no abduction policy’?
A world where this actually happens on a regular basis.

Good Fun?

I know. Very random post with very random stuff. but did you enjoy it? DO you want more?

This is what happens when a writer gets bored on a Sunday evening. She shares random stuff on a writng site and hopes someone somewhere appreciates the effort to give them a spark of inspiration. I’m inspired by all the ideas I have read tonight, are you?

Let me know in the comments below, and if you think it will make someone else smile, share the post.

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