I have done horror prompts, random prompts, adventurous prompts, even gaming prompts. But never have I done Once upon a time or children’s prompts.

Here’s a quick post with ten prompts to make up for that.

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1 – The Cooking Princess

State High School, Domestic Science, Cake Icing - Brisbane

Write about a princess who lives in her castle. The king rules the town. The maids are always busy. The princess just wants to learn how to cook. The king frowns upon this desire, it is above her station to learn such things, we have servants for that. Despite this she sneaks into the kitchens, nearly getting caught many a time by the servants, and teaches herself.

She begins to cook amazing little treats and leaves them for the king, who eventually congratulates the chef on these fine treats he has been making.

How does the king find out it was his daughter? How does this story end?

Write the story.

2 – The Dog Park

I give up....I surrender to your power and strength.

A story about dogs who meet in the park with their owners. The owners sit on the bench and discuss the mundane things of the world while the dogs play in the field. One summer the council forgets about the field and never cuts the grass, it grows tall, so tall that the dogs are hidden in it when running.

What type of adventure do these dogs have? Do they play hide and seek? Do they pounce on each other? Do they get lost?

Write the story.

3 – Spring Cleaning

Charles Joseph Grips - Spring Cleaning

Mom is spring cleaning the house before dad returns. Her children are trying to help. From washing floors to shaking out rugs, putting away the dishes and setting the table for a nice meal. Chaos and organisation go hand in hand.

What goes wrong? How much mess do they make? Does the house get clean in the end? Was daddy happy when he got home?

Write the story.

4 – The Holiday Hotel

015425:Benwell House Benwell, Lane Benwell 1830

Kids love hotels, especially when they happen to be really old buildings that still maintain history. A family go on an adventure together and check into a big hotel with many mysteries. The kids want to explore so off they go, while told to stay inside the grounds. They discover the old servant’s corridor, a walled garden with a swing, a door to nowhere.

What else do they find on this grand adventure through the grounds? Do they meet anyone?

Write the story.

5 – The Prince and his Horse

White horses

Every prince is expected to be able to sweep their princess off their feet and ride into a sunset on a gallant white horse. But what happens when the horse has no interest in playing this game? An impatient prince and his mischievous horse are trying to find common ground, the horse always finding a way to do exactly what the prince wants without doing what the prince wants. For example, the prince wants the horse to rise on his hind legs and look awesome, the horse will make sure he is under a tree so the prince bangs his head when he does so.

Will they ever come to an agreement? Will the prince find his princes to ride into the sunset? What misadventures happen here?

Write the story.

6 – The Apartments

Modern apartment building

One child, in a wheelchair, finds her fun in spying on the apartments across the way. She has documented the comings and goings of everyone in the apartments. It is a poor block and she sees what they all need. One day she decides to do something about it.

Little old lady in number twelve is having trouble with her heater again, the child learns to knit and sends her a wool blanket. A couple in number 2 have no lights on in the evening and sit in the dark, the child learns candle making and sends some over etc.

A heartwarming story that shows you can still do so much even if in a wheelchair.

Write the story.

7 – The Journey

Little fairy

A fairy wants to see what life is like in the big lands so it leaves its home town and travels to a major city. After several people try to swat at it it takes shelter in an alley to almost be eaten by a cat! The poor thing then gets caught in the rain, big heavy drops that knock it out of the sky.

Safe shelter is found and a new friend is made before a safer journey home to fae land.

Who is the friend? What other mishaps hailed this little wonderer?

Write the story.

8 – The Band

The Hot Sugar Band

In a house where life has got in the way of living. The parents are working, the children are doing schoolwork or gaming, the dog is always napping. The youngest finds a guitar and begins to play. In turn, each family member begins to realise they have a family that they never spend time with.

What instruments do they all pick up? How bad but fun is the music? Does the dog join in with a howl or a bark? Who is the first to get involved and who is the last?

Write the story.

9 – The Wish

Pidiendo un Deseo - Asking a Wish

Every year the wishmakers come through town. These are a special people who grant wishes. That is what the children are told anyway. In reality, it is a charity devoted to helping little dreams come true in a town where money is tight. Every child has a wish. I wish for a new teddy! I wish for a swimming pool! I wish for a new dress!

One kid has a special wish, a hard wish. I wish for the town to have a library.

This is a little bit out of reach of the wishmakers, but they have never failed a wish yet.

How do they make it happen? What other wishes were made?

Write the story.

10 – The Door

The purple door.

Doors go all sorts of places. Rooms, trains, toilets. This door goes somewhere different every day, it is a special door. It only goes to these places when the child travels with his/her magic researcher daddy. Today, the door has opened into a world from the past. A historical place of fact or fiction. No one can see them as they travel through and take notes, readings and other important details.

However, they can interact with the world, even if daddy says not to.

What pranks does this kid play? How does dad set everything right before returning home?

Write the story.

Kelly is an author and blogger who completed her first novel while still in high school.

She is currently a full time writer. Her works include the outlaws series (4 books), The Lady in the Loft collection (Anthologies), Gaming blogs and guides (hired work), travel writing and more.

While Kelly has been writing stories for many years she got her start at online blogging through a free online course. This is what led to her being a full time work from home writer. To this day she states “It’s the best move I ever made.”

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  1. Hi Kelly, this is a great article. I love all 10 suggestions but my favorite is number 7 – the journey. What child would not love a story like that. My second favorite is number 9 – the wish. This is a really fun to read article but at the same time packed with great ideas. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Anna. I am glad you enjoyed them. I quite like 1 and 6  but the child’s appeal of number 7 is not lost on me. Most certainly the type of book I would have preferred to read as a child.

  2. Hello Kelly, I’m pleased to meet you.

    I love this post, it’s very well presented and interesting. These 10 Great Prompts to Help You Write a Child’s Book are amazing, I like The Holiday Hotel much and yes, kids love hotels, especially when they happen to be really old buildings that still maintain history. They want to explore.

    This is fascinating, thanks for sharing.

    1. I used to work in a big old hotel with servants corridors, coach parking, and an area steeped in a mysterious history. Mostly we had the older generation visit but I always loved seeing the kids come and explore, finding the hidden areas, and taking an interest in the mysteries. A child mind is a crazy and wonderful place.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us all a very interesting, well written and informative article here. I have to say that writing stories is something that i have always wanted to do. But i have never known where to start to be honest with you. But childrens stories are apparently the best paying stories out there.

    1. They are also a great place to start as you are not expected to write 60,000 words for a children’s story. When it comes to writing I always recommend children’s or short stories first. It helps to get your imagination flowing.

  4. number 3 got me laughing because i can just imagine the mess. my favourite is number 3 and 4. My 3year old always wants to help but always ends up creating a big mess. I can surely finish up that one in so many different ways.

    And number 4 the holiday hotel.an old building with long corridors and swings gives me goosebumps. i can just imagine imagine the horror that was going on in their minds while exploring. A lot can happen. your article is packed with ideas

    1. I’m glad these brought a laugh. I was certainly smiling while writing them. No 3 is inspired by my sister. I was vid calling her once when she was folding laundry and as we spoke her toddler very carefully knocked all the laundry over to cover his spilt food on the floor. XD

  5. This is what we call CREATIVITY!

    All these prompts can become big hits. I feel them to the dot.

    They’ve been rekindled my memoies while I was growing up. 

    What you have is a mind that to create many interesting stories, animations and child books as a better alternative to what our children are currently consuming

    1. I like how much you like them. Classic children’s stories that I grew up with were in my mind as I wrote these. How much I enjoyed reading them is important to remember when I am writing a child story, it is a feeling you want to repeat for the next generation,

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